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4.8 out of 5
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40 Ratings

cgriffin215 ,

Relaxing and Enjoyable

I knew just from this game's trailers that it would have good music, and once I played the beta demo of the game I KNEW I wanted to get this soundtrack when it came out.

Since I don't own the game I can't state for sure if EVERY track in the game is included here, but what I can say is that you get plenty of music for your money, these tracks total in at over 2 hours worth of music!

What's interesting about the music in this Sim City is that there is a primary theme, stated in the first track, which is weaved throughout all the tracks in the game in some way. Sometimes overtly and sometimes covertly. It's enjoyable to spot the different points it crops up. Also, the music gradually gains momentum and additional layers as your city's population grows, and this reflected here. The first track begins softly, and by the last few tracks you have the full orchestra churning away with complex rhythms that cross over each other. It's a very enjoyable listen all the way through and because it maintains a nice steady feel and tone it actually makes for a relaxing listen as well.

The second half of the album consists of the "night" versions of the music, which are different primarily in orchestration. They tend to have more acoustic guitars and less strings and brass than the regular versions, and they're more synth heavy. If you're looking for a very chill set of songs though the second half of the album makes for a nice relaxing playlist for, say, homework or studying :)

All in all a good soundtrack, though perhaps my one criticism is at times the way the music seems a bit too similar track to track. However this ultimately leads to a more cohesive experience in the game as opposed to tracks of very different styles, and I think for a video game that's exactly the way a soundtrack should be - cohesive and designed to work well as a whole.

Rumfly ,


This music has to be one of my favorite game soundtracks ever. It's created in such a way that as you're playing the game, it never, ever feels like you're hearing the same things.

But, let's be honest. I don't spend that much time in the game. I love the concept. I love the feel. It's just buggy and suffering in a variety of failed and half-baked ideas.

But this is iTunes! The music is why you're here, and the music is fantastic. I listen as I study, read, get ready for bed, etc. Part of what's awesome is that most every track has a day and night version, just as you would hear in the game depending on the time. You can whip out either version of the track depending on your mood, or rather on what mood you want to set.

In most places, the music is very minimalistic, but never dull. It's a good thing, really. It adds to the ambient feel.

I've never been so glad I bought an album.

Jazzy highrises ,

Great songs

Just love this soundtracks, good music, if I ha dto. Choose a videogame soundtrack this would be

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