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14 Ratings

nightwitch715 ,

A step back from King of Kings but still good

I'd like to start this review by stating that I personally enjoy Elina as a vocalist. I don't necessarily want to compare her to Liv, as I find their voices quite different and enjoyable for different reasons. I also don't quite get people insinuating she's a Tarja copycat. The only 2 things I find similar between them is that they sing operatically and are Finnish. But they aren't the same type of operatic voice, nor do they have the same pronunciation or delivery. Not only that, much as I love her, Tarja is far from being the first woman with that kind of voice.

I'd also like to say that King of Kings is one of my favorite albums of a symphonic and folk metal blend. There wasn't a single song I didn't love from it, and part of what made it so good was the concise story the album told.

This album is /supposed/ to be continuing the story of KoK, but in all honesty, it doesn't have a lot of cohesion. Where KoK felt like a complete and well executed concept album, this one feels like a collection of songs with a similar theme rather than a continuous story - not that that's necessarily bad per se, I mean, that's what most albums are. Other previous albums like Njord and Meredead mostly went on the connected theme rather than whole story idea, but they felt better executed.
I think the biggest weakness as far as the concept execution on this album is that the lyrics - while certainly good for the majority - are a bit generic in places. It's to be expected that this execution would be different considering Liv was the primary lyricist. I don't consider any of the lyrics of the album bad by any means. Just a step backwards in some places.

That being said, I really do enjoy this album. I definitely don't think it's the weakest release as some others have said - I give that title to Symphonies of the Night (I felt that it had a few really good songs, but as an album fell pretty flat), but it's definitely not the best (if you're curious, my favorites are King of Kings, Vinland Saga, and Njord). But, to each his own.

I'm a bit disappointed, because I really really enjoyed the Fires In The North EP and was looking forward to a better total package for the full album based on it than what we got. (Adding to this part - I personally thought the remakes of the KoK songs with Elina were all fantastic, different yes, but still great if you don't mind hearing someone else sing them)

There are several 5 star songs on this album (SotD, Volva - which is honestly worth buying the whole thing for - , Waves of Euphoria, Rulers Of Wind And Waves/Fires In The North). I would almost give Shadows In The Night 5 if it wasn't just a tad too repetitive. I personally consider the rest to be at about 3 to 4 stars overall.

The orchestral and folk elements are 5 stars all the way through for sure. Vocals I'm going to give a solid 4. They're very good, I just feel that a little more time is needed for the band to learn how to change their writing techniques to better suit Elina - which it does at several points in the album, but it is clear that she's new and they're still testing the waters as far as new material.

In conclusion, I like it, but I hope they improve on the next album and have another release of the caliber and quality of King of Kings and Vinland Saga.

Kyle Adamski ,

As time went on

I’ve listened to the album more and more, but I came to the conclusion that I was slightly disappointed in this release. Not entirely mind you. Elina is great and a lot of the songs are really good, but the lyrics aren’t the same anymore. The thing that made Leaves’ Eyes actually Leaves’ Eyes was in the lyrics. The way Liv wrote the chapter in each song and told the story in each album was so extravagant. In this album, the lyrics felt a little lackluster and didn’t feel like it was continuing the story of King of Kings. It just felt like just an explanation of what was going on in the previous album, in which that one already basically had the explanation.

The only reason I’m giving this album 4 stars is because of the instrumentals and the way Elina uses her voice. I really enjoyed it and that’s one thing that Leaves’ Eyes still has (well the instrumentals at least, because Elina is still new to it. She has a great voice for it though).

I do believe that Liv is going to carry on her way of writing and the way LE used to be through her solo material. A recent interview suggests that her next album has a heavier influence and maybe that’s leaning towards the creative direction she used for Leaves’ Eyes.

DeepThought,47 ,


It's not bad... But it's not great either.. All the songs sound... pretty?.. Nothing really pops to me. Which is sad because it sounded like there was a lot of promise with this new album. It kind of sounds like every other generic symphonic metal band.. But with some flares of folk, which is a plus. Take that away and the album devolves from okay, to 'meh'. :(

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