6 Songs, 25 Minutes


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10 Ratings

hogmansplain ,

great stuff

Keep knockin em out! great stuff! just need more!!

KorinaJam ,

A New Musical Dynasty for Classic Rock Fans

It would be easy to dismiss Klassik78 as a one time gimmick, much like critics did with Kiss over 40 years ago. Yes, the lead guitars feature Ace Frehley licks that are practically cut and pasted, mashed up and repurposed throughout this release and the band’s first release “Side One.” Yes, the vocal stylings of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are recreated to suit the mood of each song so one recalls the classic sound of 1974-1978 Kiss. Yes, the bass lines cleverly embrace the “walking bass” style that Gene used throughout Kiss’ heyday to add space and texture to the painted warriors classic soundscape. Yes, there’s heavy use of the snare drum to accentuate a Peter Criss sound-alike rhythms that make a classic Kiss song hip sway rather than head bang.

All things considered, though everything I’ve stated above is accurate...who cares?!!!

The songs rock. They are catchy as hell. And the talented musician driving this project are doing this out of love and respect for a bygone era of great rock music.

The artists of Klassik78 deserve our support. So buy the music and spread the word. As the saying goes, it takes a village...or is that an “Army”... :)

These guys are only going to get better.

How do I know this?

“World’s On Fire.”

It’s as good as any classic Kiss anthem ever written.

I must have listened to it at maximum volume a couple dozen times in the last few days. It evokes the spirit of classic Kiss and yet, it’s solely Klassik78. They wrote it. They own it. You’ll love it.

Star Child Army ,

Pass the KISS torch

Attn: current KISS - retire and hand it over to these dudes. This is the sound fans fell in love with and longed for them to return to when they reunited. Great stuff guys...hope you keep em coming.