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4.7 out of 5
48 Ratings

48 Ratings

King Pig III ,

Waaaay too underrated

This album deserves more!!
1 Sunburn- beautiful! Piano and haunting rock chorus 10/10
2 Muscle Museum- amazing rocker with a killer bass 10/10
3. Fillip- can't help but dance. Just wish the chorus ending were a little cleaner 10/10
4. Falling Down- Slow song, fairly decent 9/10
5. Cave- ok this is amazing just buy it 10/10
6. Showbiz- extremely haunting dramatic song that I love to death just buy it already ! 10/10
7. Unintended- another slower more tenderhearted song. Pretty good. 10/10
8. Uno- probably the only track I don't really like. The chorus is just so... Bland. It's the same note over and over and is just not that good... 3/10
9. Sober- It took a long time for the words to stick and it's sounds really 90's but it's really good 9/10
10. Escape- Chris says he though it was underrated and it is. Perfect. 10/10
11. Overdue- kind of forgettable but not bad 7/10
12. Hate this and I'll love you- Kind of exact same as Overdue
Overall 9/10

Franki one o one ,

One of the best!

I think this album is one of their best, but one of their most underrated albums. It has classic songs that any Muse fan can remember, such as “Sunburn,” “Uno,” and “Muscle Museum” (which is one of my favorite songs.) But it has some of my all time favorite songs buy them, like “Muscle Museum” which stands out far more unique than other songs on the album. “Fillip,” which to be honest, is one of my favorite Muse songs even though not many people are familiar with it. “Sober,” which has a squealing guitar solo after the second chorus which gives this song so much more taste. Not only to the song, but to the album. And one of my favorites is one of their most underrated songs in their category, “Spiral Static,” the one song I truly love but has never been played live or been recognized for its full potential. The bass, guitar, drums, and vocals work so well, and it sounds so awesome. 10/10, flawless album.

Webbbbbbbbbb ,

If you’re a Muse fan, get it.

For Muse fans, it’s a great album. For others, you should start somewhere else like Black Holes & Revelations or Absolution. As most of you may know, many people tend to hate this album for it’s technical similarities to Radiohead. Particularly the album OK Computer (Though I would say that this sound a lot more like The Bends). And I won’t deny the similarities between the two. However, there aren’t any songs on this album that I would say “rip off” any Radiohead song. And OK Computer is one of the most influential albums in Alternative music so you can’t expect it to not inspire a few bands in their early days. Overall, the album is good. There are some hidden gems on this album that make it very underrated.

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