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456 Ratings

Alexander Menor ,

Debut Has Style, But Lacks Substance

Over the past two years, we have anxiously awaited the debut from the girls of MTV's Making The Band 3. While their debut is a beautifully blended mix of pop, hip-hop, and R&B, it lacks creativity. Heavily commercialized, this album is full of A-list producers and songwriters who collectively make it a pleasant listen. Although Danity Kane shows glimpses of greatness here and there, this album is mostly an incoherent mess that limps its way through many highs and lows.
The album launches with their show's theme song, "One Shot", which foreshadows a theme that will hold true throughout basically the entire album: great production lifting average vocal arrangements. Throughout the majority of their debut, Danity Kane plays it fairly simple, rarely pushing themselves to belt those high and low notes which separate the great singers from the average ones. There is no stamp of themselves placed upon the music, all anyone remembers is that these are five girls who are simply singing over tantalizing production. From the head-bobbing, drum-laden "Back Up" to the beautifully produced ballad "Stay With Me", it's a shame that these records weren't given to more qualified stars.
However, to say that Danity Kane's debut is a complete disaster would be a lie. There are many standout tracks that should please their fans such as the bumping, lead-singe "Showstopper." Furthermore, the girls are at their best when they show off a sensual vibe, evidenced by the breathy brilliance of "Right Now" and the catchy, mid-tempo "Ooh Aah".
Finally, there are two records that absolutely stand in a class of their own. Flawlessly produced and recorded, "Hold Me Down" and "Ride For You" are must-haves. The former is a bouncy, up-beat record that showcases the group's vocal ability to its fullest, as its varied vocal arrangement immediately sticks out in regard to the rest of the album. Meanwhile, the latter is a piano-induced ballad which brings about an emotional connection that is missing throughout the rest of the album. Together, the girls show the loyalty they have for their man as they collectively sing, "When the chips are down/ It seems like it's so hard for you to move ahead/ Just know that I am by your side/ There ain't no ifs, buts, or maybes/ I'm gonna stay down and ride for you baby."
Danity Kane's debut is like that of a high-school basketball player who jumps straight to the NBA. While there are glimpses here and there of the raw talent they colelctively possess, there's not enough to say this album is a sure-fire hit. Although this album has the style, it lacks the substance it so desperately needs.

TaketheHighRoad ,

MakingTheBand3 + Danity Kane = SUCCES!

Okay I've been wacthing these girls from the begining, and boy have they come a LONG way. and im so happy they finally got there album out. alot of people saying will diss them but really shouldnt listen to it, These girls have worked so hard to get where they at and really it deserves mad propz. now for the album , ITS CRAZY! its one of the best debuts ive ever heard. All of the songs I enjoy hearing, and alot of people may point out leaders but really this is a 5 lead band and thats how it should be. There all great some stronger in vocals then others but still put it all together and its INSANE. Deff pick up this album. KEY TRACKS: One Shot, Want It, Show Stopper, Hold Me Down, Ride For You, Stay With Me. PURE HOTTNESS!

qhojjklf ,

Great Album

WOW! I was really suprised to find that I enjoyed all the songs on the CD. And all of the girls have great voices. Big ups to D. Woods, Aundrea and Dawn especially. Favorite Songs: Ride for You, Ooh Ahh, Sleep On It, and Touching My Body. Definitely a good buy.

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