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2 Ratings

烏狗 ,

Upbeat and memorable songs

I use Ana Calabrese’s songs with my son (9), my daughter (6) and my students. I often hear them singing the songs when walking around the house, in the car and on the road too. We just went to Yellowstone and they kept singing “nos vamos de paseo”.

I love her pronunciation too. In the field, we call this “neutral Spanish.” This means is not accented to cater any region in particular, in other words, it os good for all the regions. Other call this universal Spanish or international Spanish.

Cómo te llamas” is how I pronounce “ll”. “Las vocales en español” is a great and quick way to remind my students (mostly English speakers) of the consistency in Spanish vowels.

“Animales” always gets giggly from the kids because of her cute animals sounds!

We hope she is working on her next album!

CaliforniaMom88 ,

A Window into the Spanish Language for children of all ages!

Ana Calabrese’s Spanish Beats will take you and your child on an educational journey into the Spanish language that won't be forgotten. From elementary Spanish words like colors and body parts, to thought provoking prose about racial equality, you will love listening to this album! I play her music with my kids in the car, and it has been such a great way to introduce my children to the Spanish language. They have already started catching on to some words and phrases. I would definitely buy her next album if she chooses to make one!

If you are looking to buy just a few songs, my favorites are Piel, Corazon y Cielo and Burbujas.