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Capsaicin ,

come on you guys.

tom jenkinson has been one of the most dynamic, evolving figures in electronic music for the past 15 or so years. this is a natural progression from the direction he's been heading for the past few releases - in fact the biggest difference is mostly that he's working with a live band now, which influences the sound in a big way. i, for one, admire his courage to make head in the musical direction he wants to, even when it means possibly alienating some of his less open-minded fans. he's doing something truly original here, and he's doing it for the right reasons.

"I've always wanted to sabotage coolness as for me music is about laughing and crying, not about standing around smoking cigarettes." - tom jenkinson, 2010.

i'd probably only rate this album 4 stars, but i'm giving it 5 on principle. gee, sorry he's not making exactly the same music he started out making. to those saying he's selling out: wouldn't it be more of a sellout if he just put out another album exactly like big loada? it would break absolutely no new ground, but it'd certainly sell well...

also, for the record, i'm really not getting the daft punk thing. the music bears virtually no resemblance to french electro/house whatsoever (yeah, they use vocoders... so does everyone... else...) and the LED facemasks are a far cry from the robot bodysuits that daft punk used. i really fail to see how this constitutes "knocking off" daft punk. come on.

Why God, why? ,

Really people, Daft Punk?!

Squarepusher knows how to use auto-tune correctly. Rather than using the device to cover up short-comings in a voice, Squarepusher takes it to the next melodic level. This is an incredible album filled with brilliant musicianship. Since the beginning Squarepusher has been reinventing himself and his sound, but all the while sticking to a level of musical craftsmanship unbeknownst to most. Shobaleader One is another chapter in the Squarepusher cannon that is worth every minute of listening. At once jazzy, poppy, and electro, Shobaleader One has crafted an album that blows through any modern genre of music we're accustomed to today. Naysayers armed with comparisons to Daft Punk obviously have a very limited knowledge of Daft Punk's overall sound. You guys need to relisten to Daft Punk's catalogue. Shobaleader One is entirely different and original. I love this album.

Awful News ,


What happened to Squarepusher? He used to really let loose without any fear of freaking out. This album, in line with last few, doesn't really have anything original to say. On this release it's as though you told your dad to make something in GarageBand approaching Daft Punk. Technically it falls flat and musically it's damn close to easy listening (and not in any inventive post-genre sense). I've been a fan of TJ's from day one, so it's not easy to say that beyond not buying this album, you shouldn't even listen to it. The man simply isn't much of an electronic performer anymore.

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