Shenanigans collects b-sides and various soundtrack oddities from a band best known for their compelling hit singles (found on International Superhits). These rarities, less known by definition, are sometimes silly, sometimes dead-on and usually quite fun. The Ramones cover is a latter day cut (“Outsider”). The Kinks cover is a straightforward take on “Tired of Waiting For You” where Green Day’s usual British intonations are muted. Both, however, kick with this Berkeley trio’s unpretentious and uncompromising attack. “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” sounds like a hit from a bygone era. “Espionage” rips like the surf instrumental “Pipeline” with the “Batman Theme” thrown into the mix. “I Want To Be On TV” smacks with a fun-lovin’ goofy punk vibe reminiscent of ‘80s punk groups who used their songwriting prowess to poke fun at society and themselves. “Scumbag” and “Sick Of Me” are more like traditional Green Day fare and further proof of the band’s prolific nature.

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