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42 Ratings

Blimp First Mate ,

A True Innovator

Now with a lot of concerts high on style and low on substance, here comes a live album from Thomas Dolby showing the best of both. I was at the show this was recorded at, and the album certainly does not disappoint. Mr. Dolby not only plays everthything himself, on a combination of new cutting edge and vintage gear, but some of the tracks he "builds up" and sequences as he goes along. The sound is fantastic, and truly shows one of the original innovators of electronic music does not disappoint. I can't wait to see the companion DVD from another stop on the tour with the fantastic visuals as well.

Airwaves23 ,

An Innovator Returns

"The Sole Inhabitant" marks the return of Thomas Dolby, too long away from a music scene
that could desperately use his talents. Stripped of the hype surrounding his
"hits", Dolby was always in his best form with the scintillating arrangements and quiet
lyrical thoughtfulness of the music that didn't make it into airplay rotation.

This CD re-presents a portion of his catalog as a one-man show. By the necessity of the
performances, all entirely live and solo, anything remotely considered fluff is stripped
away. The result is a thoroughly refreshing review of a musical path not capable of being
trod by many.

Mr. Dolby is quite earnestly about re-connecting with his core audience, and the CD succeeds
quite well in that regard. Of particular value are his podcasts. They make his intentention
clear. The "Leipzig Is Calling" podcast presentation in particular, the music portion of
which is a different take than the one appearing on the CD, is a masterwork performance. If
you have any concerns that Dolby is just another 80's rock star looking to cash out, that
will be quickly stripped away by the podcasts. He's a real human being trying to connect in
a personal way with his fans.

This is not the last we'll see or hear of Thomas Dolby. This CD is a review of where we've
been with him. He wants all of us onboard for the journey ahead. Be there.

Johnny Jane ,

Likewise In Boise

Saw the "Sole Inhabitant" at The Bouquet which I felt was not the best venue for an artist of Mr. Dobly's calibre. However, the show itself was brilliant and the music had an immediacy and spontenaity not usually associated with this genre. To have a recording such as this or the DVD is like being able to relive that eveing at will. Mr. Was (Not Was) and I did not meet nor do we know each other and this is an unsolicited review. Having been a follower of Mr. Doby since "Science", it was a unique and delightful pleasure to witness such a performance as preserved here. The full experience is only fully captured in the DVD. While the music is as solid as one could ever expect in a live recording, being able to see Thomas build these songs as he played them is something not fully appreciated in the audio only version. The retinue of Logic, a Mac G5, and some pre-loaded sequences & patch cues gave him the platform he needed to do such a thing without the performance being completely built on a "house of cards". To see the construction of certain songs almost from scratch was enthralling! Buy this recording! Whoever inherits your music collection will thank you.

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