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104 Ratings

SonicNicholas1995 ,

Shadow the Hedgehog Soundtrack Review

Out of all the soundtracks I'm happy to see Shadow the Hedgehog's Soundtrack on iTunes but there are some missing tracks like Cryptic Castle, Gun Fortress and Final Haunt. Why did they take those out, those were my favorite tracks?! But it's an album worth getting in the end.

LeopardstarSilver ,

Shadow the Hedgehog Rocks!

Yes after the many request that I myself and others have put on itunes for the Shadow the Hedgehog soundtrack its finally here. Like Generations, Black Knight, Unleashed, Secret Rings, and Sonic 06 I have been waiting for them to be on iTunes. I can now cross this album off my list of albums to get. Thanks SEGA and iTunes. Please, please, please put Endless Possibilty on here to from Sonic Unleashed.

Fryman22 ,

Bow your heads low all hail Shadow!

Great songs ;)

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