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2 Ratings

WelshyChris ,

Welsh-language music needs Meinir

Perhaps it's not fair to compare Welsh-language music to the popular music of America and England, but the reality is that modern Wales exists under the thumb of these more dominant musical cultures. By the American-Anglo standard, then, far too much Welsh-language music is just not very good.
Meinir Gwilym, thankfully, is a huge step forward. Her voice and music are coffee-shop listenable, even if you don't understand a word of Welsh. This is the kind of thing to hold up to doubting outside ears as proof that Cymraeg is more than a load of ridiculous Meic Stevens "la-la-la"ing -- it is a language that can be ethereal and beautiful.
If you do understand Welsh, again you won't be disappointed; Meinir explores the usual subjects in a style that only once approaches the annoying, in "Mobile Phones a Dannedd Gwyn."
The production of the album sometimes reflects that it was likely recorded in a less-than-state-of-the-art studio -- one would like to hear more of the depth of Meinir's voice -- but that's not really something you can hold against the performer; I doubt she has the money to splash out on huge production. Besides, it doesn't detract too much from things on the whole and you are still left with the feeling that modern Welsh-language music needs more performers like Meinir.

gwybedyn ,

Sgandal Fain

In response to WelshyChris, who has the entirely wrong end of the stick. This album is fine, but it's far from profound. Coffee-shop background music? Indeed - it's far from ugly. But the comparison with Meic Stevens is entirely unfair, M.S. has some of the most excellent songs written in Welsh - politically relevant, culturally aware, linguistically and musically creative. Far from the 'la-la-la' criticized by Chris (M.S. does those too - and why not!?).

Meinir Gwilym is good, but she has not yet realised her potential. She's pop, and good pop at that, but the Welsh language - in terms of its sound (here Anglesey) as well as its creative potential - is not fully realised in her. But why should it be? - Enjoy the music and be happy... and buy Meic Stevens, Gwyneth Glyn, Steve Eaves, Bob Delyn, Mim Twm Llai and 9Bach as well, and be even happier, for having a fuller picture of the superb singer-songwriter talents singing today in Welsh!

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