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47 Ratings

Nefarious Nafai ,

DFA79 frocks my socks

I really dug You're a Woman, I'm a Machine and personally would have loved to remix/learn how to play the bass lines. Now, if I were you're average alternative rocker I would totally say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but I'm not your average alt rocker. In terms of just a remix album I'd say this is higher up on my list. It isn't any Silent Alarm Remixed (funny how both bands are form the same label), but the remixes are all unique. Sometimes it seems just a skoatch different from the original, but most of the remixes, especially The Phone Lovers remix of Romantic Rights, are pretty rockin. Repatitive yes, Boring no. If you're into more dancefloor style remixes I'd say this cd is "all encompassingly" for you.

rmmoore89 ,

If it ain't broke...

...don't mess with it! Sigfried and Roy must have gotten a hold of "You're a Woman, I'm a Machine", because that beast has been tamed and turned into a whiney little kitty. DFA 1979s first full-length album was one of my faves, with its raw energy and frantic pace. Never had I heard a two-piece make such a racket—and enjoyed it so much. This album of remixes, in my humble opinion, takes the air right out of the balloon. The programmed drums, pops and beeps laid over Sebastien's high pitched howl just doesn't do it for me. Stick with the originals, boys, I love it better that way.

Laura!!! ,

It's Alive!

If you've ever wondered what your favorite DFA1979 song would sound like with a new lease on life, listen to this album. Songs from their 2004 release, You're A Woman, I'm A Machine, are reborn and reimagined into sexier, darker and unusually playful remixes of the originals.

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