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4.6 out of 5
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43 Ratings

MusicalxNote ,


I think someone needs to write a real review of this CD and it looks like is gunna be me.

I bought this CD about a year and a half ago and I still love it. It never gets old! Unlike most of the artists out there (ugh, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan *gag*) Ben actually has amazing talent and deserves to be recognized not as the hot singing paino-playing heartthrob but as the super talented artist who is going to go so far in his career.

Overall, this CD is fairly balanced. The uptempo songs are Come On, Give it all Away, Every Step, Christine, Stay, and possibly Wicked Little Town. So that makes a good balance of 6 uptempo songs to 6 slower songs. Having a good balance of slow and faster songs on a cd is so rare now. It almost always all fast or all slow and boring. So this CD never gets boring.

Also, all the songs have their own unique flare. Every song sounds different so with every song you get a new look on Ben. Sometimes it's a violin (played by Ben) or more paino (played by Ben) or guitar (played by Ben) then you have the songs with a little bit of everything, panio, guitar, drums, bass. It's all good!

On Ben's vocals: Coming from a classically and broadway trained singer who knows the difference between a good voice and a bad voice, Ben really does have an amazing voice. Not only does he sound great on his cd, he's even better live. That is so hard to come by now. The voices on CD's are almost always computer editted and some artists even feel the need to lip sync *cough*AshleeSimpson*cough* It's so nice to finally have an artist who can actually sing.

So, if you're into the rock-popish genre, Ben Jelen is definatly for you. He's the prefect blend of everything a musician should be. muli-talented, varity, musicianship, and good looks (an added plus). With this CD, I can't wait for his next! Actually, his next has already come. His EP Rejected, which includes the songs that didn't make it to this album. Check it out! You won't be dissapointed!

Jack Franks ,

The hidden gem of the album is the song "Stay"

Usually the first single is the song that stands out from the rest of the album, but in this case, it's track number nine, "Stay". With the hook that sings sweetly in your ear, "She's Amazing" followed by a pop melody that's sure to please just about everyone it's hard to believe radio hasn't found it yet. But don't wait for radio, listen for yourself.

ilogic ,

Finally some descent music

This is a sad but sweet album with meaningful lyrics and soft melodies. This was really enjoyable to listen to and very calming. My favorite songs are Slow Down and Setting of the Sun. I will definitely be watching for Ben Jelen. Enjoy.

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