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4.3 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

turtle boy ,

Challenging, but rewarding

I first heard about this album from a friend who listed this as one of his top records of '05. I happened to see them play an in-store, however, and thought it was interesting, so I took a chance on this record.
Basically, what I've found is that it's really a headphones listen. I tried listening to it while doing other stuff, but it just sounded like noise until I really sat down and concentrated. Once you do that, though, it's really a cool album; the guitar sounds are great; cool vocal melodies (when you can hear them); but most of all it just gives you a good feeling.
Standout tracks include: Drain Cosmetics, Un Deux, and Candlelighted.

rabid3k ,


Not the most accessible albumn necessarily, but at times (such as with "Drain Cosmetics," "Selina's Melodie Fountain," ans "Sapphire Eyes") this rivals My Bloody Valentine at their best (I don't want to pigeonhole them though - Sareena Makeesh definitely have their own sound). Other tracks are intriguing, but don't quite come out and "grab" you.

Danny-J ,


My first five star rating. Just saw this band at the Siren Festival in New York. While they had plenty of problems with how they were mic-ed and mixed at the venue, they proved to be the most interesting, challenging and rewarding of the 14 bands. Catch them live! And the album?...complex, dark, brooding and beautiful.

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