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19 Ratings

HighHatHokum ,

Wait a second...

I think Tirrion's review is unfair. Yes, they sound like DCD, but where many have tried and failed, Irfan succeeds with flying colours. They don't just mimic form here, but I think are kindred in soul, and there is an emotional depth and sophistication that is unmatched except by DCD.

cosmiccath ,

Timeless - But samples tracks too short

comparing this to Dead Can Dance is misleading. This is clearly old and more ethnic in its inspiration. Comparing this to other Turkish bands might be fair. More appropriate would be comparing their sound to that of Stellamara, although Stellamara is really Americanized, Celtic-influenced, Turkish-oriented music. In this genre it is easy to rattle off names of other performers that SOUND similar, but from what I have heard of this particular ensemble — at least to Westerner's ears — this is one of the more listenable of the Turkish-influenced bands. Dead Can Dance?? Hardly. The reviewer should expand their musical horizons. : )

The samples of the tracks are (except for track 9) far too short, and makes appreciating the uniqueness of Irfan difficult. This should me amended.

Very listenable and meditative (except of one of the more frenetic, rhythm-based cuts), I can recommend this to western-oriented audiences seeking mystical music. This definitely has that 'Sufi groove.'

Tirrion ,

Poor Man's Dead Can Dance

This would be a more interesting musical journey if it wasn't so blatantly patterned after the path well worn by Dead Can Dance. Even the song titles suggest DCD. There is only one Dead Can Dance, there is surely only one Lisa Gerrard, and while I enjoy Irfan, I am left with a desire for something novel. This is great as DCD homage, but falls short of breaking new ground.

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