17 Songs, 58 Minutes


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4.3 out of 5
265 Ratings

265 Ratings

jman2323 ,


I love these songs but I am not about to buy the whole album. Please change this because I know others will buy a couple of songs but very few will purchase the whole album. You are losing money off of good songs. Please make them available for individual purchase.

rockin'robin ,

IT'S GREAT... but I wish it wasn't "album only"!

I love this album with all of my heart etc., etc., but I really wish that ITunes would stop making all songs "album only". The whole reason I love iTunes is because of the fact that you can pick just a few songs to buy if you only want those selected few songs, and lately I've noticed that more and more songs are becoming "album only", which seems to me as only a play for money. Personally iTunes, I think you are actually losing more purchaces and making people unhappy. All these make me do is not buy any of the songs, and it also leaves a bad taste in my mouth. These album only songs are just an inconvience to me, as well as many other iTunes users, and I hope you at least consider getting rid of "album only songs". If anyone agrees, please click the helpful button!

sinner1984 ,

The Best Soundtrack Since The Lost Boys In 1987.

No Vacancy's Heal Me, I'm Heartsick Kicks Serious A*s. Just One Problem With The Album Why Can't I Purchase The Songs That I Want Without Buying The Whole Album.

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