11 Songs, 36 Minutes


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4.9 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Austin Adams1 ,

Yes I'm rating this off of the samples!

Stop. Put down whatever you are doing and BUY this album. This is L7. The band that digs into the deepest bargain bin of unwanted subjects and writes a thrashing song about it. Forget songs about love, hate, and partying. This band makes the rotten feel fresh! You know that old penny you saw under the interstate bridge? BAM! It's the new hit L7 song. Equiped with heavy distortion and a brutal chugging pace, L7 is a relentless freight train here to piledrive your ears with pleasure. THIS is the bang for your buck. I mean just listen to Dee Plakas on those drums! This is what a real working band sounds like and they need your support. Buy. The. Goddamn. Album.

jettrocker ,

Basket Of Deplorables

OK, so they decided not to use my working title for the fresh batch of crunchy-glam-rock infused tracks that make up L7's latest and long-awaited yet unpredicted record. Philisophically, it's a shot to the corporate pre-planned hit-machine for a resurgance to occur organically... based on demand rather than the usual predictable garbage that's forced into our ears on a quota-like schedule. It's also a full-circle opportunity for Joan Jett's Blackheart records (Under the quiet brilliance of label boss Carianne Brinkman) to slingshot L7's record into the atmosphere. After all, for all intents and purposes, Joan Jett is the baby mama of all that's great in the world - the basket of deplorables, the "dirty computers" and herds of black (hearted) sheep. Scatter the Rats is gonna make mama real proud. I'm certainly impressed.

DarkestOfKnights ,

L7 rocks it up once again

After all the nonsense with that awful Pledgemusic company, I'm glad to see that L7 is just as rockin' as they ever were. I love this album and it's an instant favorite for life

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