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81 Ratings

WPDjr ,

More than one good song!

Stop ragging on itunes.. it's more likely that Aimee Mann wants your whole $10. I remember working at Tower Records in 2000 when Hip-O-Select released a collection of her "hits". She sent out a press release saying she had nothing to do with it, didn't approve of it and had her own best of collection in the works (don't remember if it was ever released). Her cover of Three Dog Night's "One" is awesome. I also like "Driving Sideways" and "Save Me". You also get 2 classic Supertramp songs. Even Gabrielle's "Dreams" is a good track.

slugworthy ,

Buy whole album for one 3 min. song?--yeah, good luck with that!

Whoever makes the money here is a total bonehead. I mean, come on! Obviously most people only want the song "Wise Up" from this album. I'm not saying the rest isn't great. I saw the movie, and the soundtrack was dynamite; but most people only want that one track. Good thing some genius thought it was a good marketing strategy to force the entire album down the consumer's throat in order to get that one track--AMARITE? Now, it's understandible and customary, if the track is over ten minutes long, to charge for the entire album; with a three minute song, though, it is neither. Sorry to say, judging by its popularity, I don't think that this confidence scheme is working out too well, either. I do, however, wish whoever the greedy moronic ape is the best of luck with all those dollar signs swimming around in his wee little peabrain. In summation, $10 for one three minute song?--HELL NO! but best wishes to ya. But ya know, if 2 out of 10 people buy the album for one track, that's $20 instead of only the $10 that would come from 10 out of 10 people purchasing the one track alone. Maybe it is an ok strategy. oh well. I just know that you can count me as one of those 8, the non-idiots.

PiPhiMaggie ,

I just want 'Wise Up'

Not everyone is made of money here. Especially with the new popularity tax on certain songs, you're making me love you less, iTunes.

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