14 Songs, 58 Minutes


Milan’s gothic warriors plunge into alt-metal’s darkest depths.


Milan’s gothic warriors plunge into alt-metal’s darkest depths.


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4.1 out of 5
68 Ratings

68 Ratings

Disciplefreak ,

I like it

While this is an improvement from past albums, I like the song but once again the mix for this is too noisy...like certain things are buried and u can barely hear them..like at certain points when Cristina sings you can’t really understand what she’s saying...it needs to be like when Dark Adrenaline was released. THAT was the PERFECT mix!!!

prspilot ,

meh...please make the guy quit singing...

I love their older material, but even then I could only listen to the songs Christina is singing on. He's terrible. In this song, all he does is scream. There are many male metal vocalist that scream but make it musical as well...not him. he sounds like he's straining his vocal chords to where they can't handle it and he's choking. Awful. There is so much going on behind his awful screaming, you can't even make out Christina and she is the backbone of why this group CAN be as good as they are.


"Darker and Heavier"

I could barely bring myself to buy Delirium. Their obsession with constantly wanting to go darker and heavier on every record after Shalldow Life is devolving their sound to me. If all they are trying to do is attract young metalheads in the name of profitable concert attendance, then bravo. You guys are right on track. But when I think of the grace and elegance of your first few recoords (Comalies was one of the finest rock records I ever heard), this newer stuff just seems like a blunt instrument.

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