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73 Ratings

Kyler_J_9_6 ,

Save Me From Myself

For someone with a love for by metal bands such as Disturbed, Korn, Slipknot, and the like, balancing a passion for your music and a faith in a Religion they often denounce can be a hard thing to do. I can relate to this firsthand, as it is a problem I struggled with. That is, until I discovered Head. His band Love and Death is amazing, but his solo album is even more so. Not only is this music easily as heavy as any mainstream alternative, but also comes with a good message and brings your spirits up rather than down. Head's story comes with a struggle that he goes into in the 11 tracks on this album, and every song is a small emotional journey of sorts.

Metal heads will love this album because it is the talent that is Brian Head Welch, the mastermind behind Korn's sick instrumentals. Christian music lovers will love it because Head carries a strong message, and talks about things that may seem too dark or taboo for other Christian artists to venture into. And to people like me- that is, people with a passion for both God and Metal- you need this album.

If any setbacks exist, it may be that his messages are very dark sounding. For example, the track "die religion die" obviously sounds like a very different kind of message than the rest of the album. However, upon listening to it, this song has a powerful message as well (discussing the problems that have risen from man made Religious rules), and is no way anti-God.

Save Me From Myself, no matter which category you fall into, is a must listen and for many a must purchase. Just like any music, it may get boring after a while. However, I have never heard music that can effect me like this album. A bad habit of mine is to lock myself Into dark, depressing music whenever I am angry. This only makes me feel more upset and hopeless. Head's harsh vocals and heavy guitars, on the other hand, may sound similar but they have the opposite effect. When I feel hopeless, they remind me of the Love of God, and that there is hope. They make me happy, as opposed to making me angrier. And so to any people out there who are neither Christian or Metal heads, I still say listen to this. It may be just what you need anyway.

R3s3rvo1rD0g ,

Mind blowing!!

Love Brian's story and that he's spreading God's Love. Powerful musically and lyrically!! A MUST BUY for any fan of metal especially Christian rockers!!

"My church is not inside, your building walls
On Sundays you all hide, while the world just falls
Now go into the world and destroy Hell
You have authority, use it for the kill"

- Die, Religion, Die

Minion14 ,

What I've been looking for!

After seeing that Brian Welch had rejoined Korn i was a little confused. I set out to find the answer to his return. After some research I found that he had not renounced his Christian faith(SO HAPPY!) but that he had actually joined with the group I am Second. I went and looked him up on iTunes and found this album. It is SO amazing. It carries over alot of Korn's musical themes but is much cleaner. It still carries some dark themes but it shows how he has changed his life and his belief in Christ shines through. Even if you're not a Christian this album is still amazing and is exactly the kind of Metal I love.

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