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63 Ratings

ZeLamia ,

Annie's personal favorite

Sure, when a person thinks of the Eurythmics, their mind goes back to such classic albums as Sweet Dreams & Touch, possibly even Be Yourself Tonight. All of those albums had at least one breakthrough hit (and music video), in which mass audiences grew to love. Savage, as an ablum, did not have either; it was and is the Eurythmics most insular and obscure album. Sure, In the Garden may be known by less people, but, when Savage was released in 1987 the Eurythmics were very nearly a household name, thus, making the obscurity of this album all the more intriguing.

Does this make Savage a poor album? On the contrary, this is the Eurythmics at their best. Since there are no overplayed singles here, the listener is able to enjoy the music without skipping the "overexposed" tracks. This album is masterfully produced, the sound quality and details are truly top notch, "Heaven" is a hypnotic masterpiece. The songs themselves are accessable, but, not overly, which is also a good thing. Each song has several layers and textures to them, which causes for each listen to be a new experience. How are Annie's lyrics? Well, here, they are at her best. She interprets each song in such a way, you really begin to feel that she IS feeling what she is singing about, ("Beethoven" is the finest example, while "Savage" is very emotional). This album has a lot of class to it. No, Savage is not a warm listen, actually it is a bit on the chilly side, but, nonetheless, it is very rewarding, well thought out, and, artistically is their finest statement. No wonder this is Annie's favorite.

b11bingo! ,

One of my favorites, remastered

Many artists have an overlooked and under-appreciated masterwork in their collection, and Savage is just that for the Eurythmics. I was a huge fan back in the 80's, and I was upset that this LP didn't get the attention that I thought it deserved. But looking back, I think it's kind of nice that there is this deep and un-hyped treasure waiting for your discovery. Savage is the closest the Eurythmics came to doing a concept album. While it's no Dark Side of the Moon, it's a remarkable return to form after Revenge. It details the emotional breakdown, restoration, and rebirth of a woman in a failing relationship (watch the companion videos for more details). But even if you don't care about the concept, it's still a rich, melodic euro-pop masterpiece that even 20 years later (!) does not sound dated to me at all. I want to add a special shout-out for the Remastered version available here with bonus tracks. Whether you are new to Savage or thinking about rediscovering it, the remastered version is worth every penny - put on your headphones and enjoy the ride.

Very Fuzzy ,

Eurythmics' best....But....

I have loved Savage since it came out in the late eighties....there is not a bad track on the album. And if you get the chance to see the corresponding videos to each of the tracks, you will discover a visual theme of sorts running through a number of them....as if the tracks combined are telling a story. So, with that said, WHY (as of 09.15.09) does the reviewer for ITunes start off his review by referring to this album as "Revenge"? Yes I know, we are here to purchase the album, not the review...but c'mon guys!

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