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hammockjockey ,

Art is still out there

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at these reworked tracks and the two new songs. I know a lot of people will be disappointed, but for me, this is what I feel the tracks should have sounded more like when they were released originally. As a music lover, I'm really feeling Art's grundge cowboy sound that he played with early on. This sounds earthier and more indie, and I love that he's freed his creativity and not afraid to tarnish the spirit of Everclear. This is the beginning of Art & the Everclear.

Art's got soul, yes, he do. I can hear it, and so will you.

PearlJam47 ,

One Word....Terrible

I am a long time Everclear fan and since the release of Welcome to the Drama Club (which I was extremely dissapointed with). When I heard that they were gonna re-release some of the old school Everclear stuff I was pretty excited, but this is absolute junk!! It's not the same Everclear from the 90's, it's just Art Alexakis and a bunch of scrubs. I love all their stuff except Welcome to the Drama Club and this new crap. Don't waste your some real Everclear.

holdencaulfield1965 ,

A gem among the stones

There's really no need to buy this as a full album; if you're an Everclear fan, you've already got the best version of the songs.
But among the retreads is the song At the End of the Day. I have no idea what inspired Mr. Alexakis to employ a piano, a choir and a crescendo, but it's one of the band's finest (and perhaps Alexakis' most upbeat personal) songs ever. This song alone gives me hope for a pertinent Everclear in the years to come. Try not to play it twice.

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