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Jolie Lives ,

If I Only Could

Jolie Lives 10/22/16 - Absolutely adore "Running Up That Hill"! Even more so as a person who was just diagnosed with an AutoImmune dis-ease. Who wouldn't want to make a 'Deal With God' to eradicate any bloody dis-ease?! Just as I imagine anyone else would who's trying their best to deal with any dis-ease that compromises their or a loved one's health!
In addition to the sentiment, it's a Great Song. Besides the lyrics, the melody has this great tempo, which makes the listener feel like they're hearing the music for, "The Little Engine That Could".
Albeit a children's book, the sentiment of being capable of doing anything, even though it seems impossible (with hard work and determination) is Universal. Disappearing, but even in this Country's appalling circumstances, there are still people who continue to do the work needed to be able to rise above all of the crap that's going on.
Music plays an integral part for anyone with the courage to continue to be the Best they can be. While we may initially do so for ourselves, our actions and choices inevitably have a very constructive influence on many other people.to
The Internet and Technological Advances allow many extraordinary and inspiring ideas to spread around the planet, quickly. The opposite is true as well as we watch cyber bullying, in many forms, increasing.
Thankfully, currently in our Country, we still have choices. How much longer this will last is anyone's guess.
The people who continue working to make our world a better place, all need some form of refueling. Above and beyond food, water, shelter and a connection with other supportive people.
Our ability to listen to Music, see Art or Photographic Imagery, to Learn and have Access to Knowledge is what refuels us and keeps us capable of preforming at our peak abilities. Music has always played a key role for me as I believe it has done for many others. Music has allowed me to get out of more horrific situations and deal with the death of a loved one more than anything else.
Listening to our music gets us back to our most proficient selves much more quickly than if we try alternative methods, like self medicating.
"Running Down That Hill" is one of those Songs that makes me feel great, completely healthy, strong and happy regardless of how I was feeling before I heard it. Have a listen to it and maybe you'll enjoy it too. Worst case scenario, you'll just enjoy it or you won't like it. It's still worth the 30 seconds it takes for you to listen to the sample of it. Personally, I hope that it's a song you already have or one that you'll add to your Music collection and that it makes you feel great too!

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