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59 Ratings

59 Ratings

UglyZombie ,

I'm disappointed in Jacks...

... for being such a close minded individual. Herbie Hancock's entire discography is about experimentation. He fields so many ranges of jazz and the theories used in it across his entire career. How could you be so close minded to insist that he's only capable of the straight-ahead jazz you find so pleasant to your ears.

Regardless, this became one of the most important electronic albums of its time and really kicked off the electro sound. Yet another winner from a fascinating man and artist.

amper ,

One of the most important albums ever. Never mind the snooty jazz critics.

25 years later, "Future Shock" is still considered by those in the know as being one of the most important albums of all time. Is it jazz? Maybe not. It probably should be filed in the "Electronica" section, rather than being stacked next to "Maiden Voyage". Is it good music? Absolutely! It may not sound like a big deal to the kids of today, but in 1983, this album was groundbreaking (not to mention the "Rockit" video), and it still sounds as fresh and vital as it did then. Jazz purists deride Hancock for producing this album, but jazz purists don't understand innovation in musicality. Herbie Hancock does. What about jazz is "pure", after all? The cultural importance of this album cannot be overestimated.

Luda Chris ,

Herbie's the man

Who cares about John, Herbie is the real Hancock, his unique style is amazing and way ahead of its time.

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