Five months after the record-breaking 5-STAR, K-pop superstars Stray Kids return with ROCK-STAR, a characteristically energetic EP for JYP Entertainment’s eight-member group. ROCK-STAR features eight tracks, including “Social Path,” a Korean interpretation of the group’s previous collab with Japanese singer LiSA, and two versions of the thumping, punny lead single “LALALALA.” All of the songs on ROCK-STAR were written by at least one member of 3RACHA, Stray Kids’ hip-hop sub-unit comprising group members Bang Chan, Changbin, and HAN. Here the members talk about each of ROCK-STAR’s tracks. “MEGAVERSE” Bang Chan: “‘MEGAVERSE’ is a song that represents the vast spectrum of Stray Kids’ music. Having touched the universes of different kinds of music, Stray Kids now welcome listeners to…the SKZ MEGAVERSE. Enjoy!” “LALALALA” Seungmin: “This one’s all about one core message, which is: ‘Our rock will go on, no matter how tough things might get.’ It’s the title track from our new album [in Korean, titled ‘락 (樂),’ with 락 meaning ‘rock’ and 樂 meaning ‘joy’ but pronounced the same] with a huge, rock-star-worthy stage performance to go along with it. Be sure to check out our performance as well as the music.” “BLIND SPOT” HAN: “This song is about how all the scars we get while striving, unseen, to reach our dreams will end up becoming wonderful trophies. It’s a message of hope and courage. I hope it will both comfort and pump up whoever listens to it.” “COMFLEX” Felix: “It’s about how you can flip those things you don’t like about yourself, turning them instead into something you can flex about. So the title’s a portmanteau of ‘COMPLEX’ and ‘FLEX.’ This track really showcases our carefree, cheery side.” “Cover Me” Hyunjin: “The message in this one is: ‘That bright moonlight is making the night longer. So stay by my side and cover me from it.’ I like how the track builds up emotionally, with intensifying vocals toward the end. I hope this warm and passionate song will bring comfort to listeners.” “Leave” Changbin: “This is a heartbreaking song about lovers saying goodbye. Driven by a forlorn-feeling guitar riff motif, the song really captures the mood of autumn.” “Social Path” (feat. LiSA) [Korean Ver.] Lee Know: “This is a song that conveys hopefulness, and it’s about giving all of your youth, working hard to achieve your dreams. It brings together an intense rock sound with powerful vocals. I hope it will inspire listeners with the courage to forge their own paths.” “LALALALA (Rock Ver.)” I.N: “This is the rock version of our title track, ‘락 (樂)’ [titled ‘LALALALA’ in English], bringing it closer to the title. If rock’s what you're into, this is the version for you. We upped the energy here, and the track’s buzzing with a thrilling synergy.”

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