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876 Ratings

Amori ,

Profoundly Simple

Yiruma's music is powerful, but carries with it a profound simplicity. There is often a call for complexities in classical style, but Yiruma's melodies are simple--and effective. Each piece contains a crisp, distinct melody, which is used to imprint a powerful emotion and visual image on the mind of the listener. Consider the title as you listen and the mood the song projects. You might find that they are quite similar.

make tea, not war. ,

think about it, twilight fans....NOT BELLAS LULLABY

Okay, honestly think about this, this may sound like something that could be on the new twilight movie, but it cant be bella's lullaby. I mean think about it, Edward has to be able to hum that, i dont know about you, but you cant particularly hum this song(river flows in you)to her, and he also has to play it on the piano,(think back on what happens in the first book!) THIS IS NOT HER LULLABY people can think that it is and say oh i love this song soooo much because it reminds me of this one book series called twilight and omg omg edward edward edward, this is sooo bella'a lullaby! .....well sorry to say , but it isnt. dont believe everything you hear on the internet
but other than that
i love album, it's very relaxing, yiruma is a very good pianist, but that doesnt even begin to cover it.
and i think that people are distracted on the fact of twilight rather than the album, and the awesome simplicity, and grace that it yiruma has, they need to give more credit to him (not the book)

RebeccaLH ,


This music is beautiful. I play piano myself and would love to get the sheet music to this. Of course I won't be able to play it as well, but I can at least play some of it. I reccomend this album. On a side note, for those of you who are fans of the Twilight Saga, the song River Flows In You, has been named by fans as the unofficial lullaby that Edward wrote for Bella.

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