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3.8 out of 5
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29 Ratings

BrianSwaldi ,

Not bad

Hey FKUVGFDSCV, you might be protected by the blood of Christ, but you need to be protected in a straight jacket. It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. But you, like a true Christian and republican, want to curb things like that don't you? I don't care what they call themselves as long as their music is good.

This isn't bad for a band in this genre. Vocals are better than most and they definitely give off a creepy halloween/horror movie vibe. Oh and "no-god", most of this is Latin buddy - not Greek. If you want to be all Satanic and all, that's fine, but sounding intelligent and knowing the difference between Latin and Greek will legitimize your anti-God stance.

DrClark ,

Celtic Frost’s “Monotheist” did it first and better IMO

This album is good and all, but much of it sure seems to be aping Celtic Frost’s “Monotheist” from 2007. That said, CF is a good influence to have.

Metal Scribe ,

Unreasonably criticized

Some reviewers say Rituals is repetitive and slow, but I think it strikes exactly right rhythm and evokes exactly the emotion RC intends. A very fine album.

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