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14 Ratings

just some guy on iTunes ,

Haunting, Tender, and Mysterious

So much of Christianity these days seems formulaic, already answered, and predetermined. In Catholicism there is still the great mystery of working out one’s salvation Day to say in that relationship of following Jesus in the littlest personal things to possibly some more important decisions if we honor Him here first.

But Roque portrays a world where the resurrection was not such a handy fact to cling to, where answers to difficult questions were indeed answerable from the Holy Spirit but people didn’t pretend to know how it was accomplished, Christians were hunted in the West, and the supernatural overshadowed and dwelt within and close by so much of what His followers did.

As the tribune uncovers more and more jarring details about the crucifixion and resurrection, his own reality begins to turn upside down. Eventually given the evidence, an impossible and heretofore resurrection known only in ancient pagan myths becomes a direct and real explanation for what he regards as increasing insanity.

But Roque doesn’t stop there. When the Tribune finds Jesus, gets to tell Him what he is searching for in that quiet starlit moment on the hills of Galilee ... the tender beauty of that vulnerable moment is given its due in the sweetest, softest, and most delicate strings.

I think listeners of certain video game scores that draw on similar harmonics (e.g. Assassin’s Creed) will find this worthy of a listen. But if I may speak from personal opinion and experience: those who are hungering for a less mechanistic Christianity that follows the unpredictable (at a microscopic level not necessarily a macroscopic, where dogma emerges ... IOW we know that God is good but it’s not until we surrender a personal greed or forgive a personal enemy that we see HOW good He is for ourselves) and beautiful way of living in the world. For Jesus Christ is the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. To find Him is better than anything else one could desire from this bittersweet symphony that is life.

AlexVLM ,

Very Spiritual and Inspirational

I´m not a religious person, in fact I´m the exact opposite. Being raised a Conservative-Traditionalist Catholic as a kid I left the Church decades ago and became a Phylosophical- Free Thinker-Metaphysiscian of sorts. Still as a Spiritual person, and an avid Soundtrack collector, I´m always on the look out for music that would inspire me or lift my soul, such as Peter Gabriel´s "Passion: Music for The Las Temptaion of Christ", "Hans Zimmer´s "The Bible", Alberto Iglesias´s "Exodus: Gods and Kings" or John Debney´s "The Passion of the Christ". As such ,the gorgeous music Roque Baños wrote for "Risen" is beautifully written and inspired and deserves a special place amidst my music collection. It´ll rise and stir your soul, put you on a deep thinking mood, or throw you on a whirlwind of spiritual momentum that could bring you close to tears (Trust me on that one!). It´s a precious, emotionally charged piece of music that invites you to experience some serious soul-searching moments and fill you with awe! And that...is priceless. You will love it.

Mz Mewzik ,


Beautifully written; every time I listen to it, I find some other beautiful chord progression or thematic material that I hadn't heard before.

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