Ride or Die

Ride or Die

The New York duo Heartsrevolution were heralded for their adventurous pop spirit back in 2008 by NME magazine and others, but they took six years to let loose their debut full-length. With a fondness for things like crystal-covered ice cream trucks, treble-driven high energy, and Leyla "Lo" Safai’s baby-doll stylings, they come across like an amalgam of Crystal Castles, Hello Kitty gone punk rock, and Riot Grrrl expressionism. The bite is sometimes more fun than the bark, with Safai’s girlish voice and crackling synths and percussion keeping the needle in the red at all times. But Safai and her musical partner Ben Pollock are adventurous when it comes to the pop tableaux, and songs like “Ride or Die” and “Kishi Kaisei” are full of inarguably infectious melodies and sparkle. Their wit and humor also shine: “Kishi Kaisei” is a spirited, hands-in-the-air number with a refrain poking fun at hands-in-the-air spirit. Punkish guitars add needed depth on “Vertigo” and “Kill Your Radio,” and the slower, noise-crusted tracks like “Gen Wh(y)” and “Heaven’s Gate” are perfect foils for the pink-and-glitter vibe of much of the collection.

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