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103 Ratings

JonnyDavid ,

Best of 2008?

I've been listening to this on Relevant Magazine's The Drop for 2 weeks, and this is just an incredible album. The musicianship is outstanding, complex and committed to the same characteristics outlined in the title of the album. The production has delivered a deep and balanced mix, with all instruments sounding warm, full and rich. This music isn't a one time listen, and rewards you with subtle nuances each time you dive in. Check these boys out - you won't be disappointed, and you get to brag to all your friends about how you found them first.

KaiHeeringaPhotography.com ,

Like no other.

It takes a band like this to help you realize how average so much music is. This album is epic.


Music with class.

My friend picked this up at a store, said he found it in the Jazz section. He told me it was right up my alley, smooth, well-produced jazz-rock. But don't go thinking this is Kenny G or anything, it's more akin to The Killers or Coldplay than the soprano saxophonist. The title track reminded me of the show Big O from when I was younger, an inflective, somber mostly-piano instrumental with a rising finish. Then there's Breathe Again. Pretty sure that's about killing a guy who stole Christmas presents, but you wouldn't know it without listening closely, the music begs you to tune in and chill out. Most of the songs here have the same feel to them, they all blend well and manage to not get monotonous.

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