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Rock Tale Hour ,

A Return to Great Rock & Roll

Return, the sophomore release by veteran Southern California rockers, Blue Plasma Orb, is infused with energetic and edgy blues-tinged indie rock, including clever commentary about “the establishment” and relationships that makes the album a compelling listen. The addition of Martin Gerschwitz’s keyboards completes the band’s ‘70s garage-rock sound.

The first track, “Heavy Time,” sets a strong tone for the album with a driving guitar riff and biting lyrics that conjure images of gluttonous elites perched in their ivory towers with a “master plan” to get fat while the common man “works his fingers to the bone.” “If only they could hear the mothers crying” and “see the world as I do,” the song fantasizes, “they could help to build a world of peace.”

The album features several insightful tracks about the feminine ability to ensnare men. “Lost My Mind” is a heavy rocker with a ripping guitar solo that pleads, “I lost my mind” and “it’s a crime how pretty you are.” The singer in “Voodoo Girl,” bemoans that the title character of the eighth cut “cast [her] spell” and “stuck [her] pin in me” and “now I’m [her] plaything.” And “I Got a Fever” is a funky track with a soaring organ solo in which the singer recounts a girl in New Orleans who “stuck her claws in me,” and he laments that “I can’t break free” but nevertheless “I’ll do it again.”

We can’t help but smile all the way through “What Do You Want.” It’s an upbeat track that expresses the universal male frustration: “You don’t want my feet on the table, you don’t want my feet on the couch,” and “If you want me in your life, tell me what do you want from me.”

Return by Blue Plasma Orb is a “return” to what made rock music great—real, skilled musicians playing raw, evocative, not overproduced tunes with gritty riffs and driving bass lines.