Restart (Deluxe Edition)

Restart (Deluxe Edition)

Sleek, soulful, and committed to the Spirit, Restart marks Michael Tait’s third outing at the helm of Newsboys. Any lingering doubts that the former dc Talk member would put his own stamp on this veteran Christian combo should be erased by this vigorous song collection. Tait’s vocal style—which blends old-school R&B moves with nods toward electropop—spurs the band into a sound heavy on dance beats and ear-snagging choruses. “Go Glow,” “That’s How You Change the World," and “Fishers of Men” stand out for their high-gloss grooves and transformative content. Moodier shadings temper the bright colors of “Disaster,” a reflection on man’s fallen nature and God’s redemptive love. Tait gives particularly strong performances on ballads like “Enemy” (a prayer for salvation with the fire of a vintage Memphis soul number) and “That Home” (a heartfelt tribute to a mother’s compassion and faith). Fans of the Peter Furler–era Newsboys will find Restart more musically streamlined and less lyrically sarcastic than the group's earlier efforts. But the band’s Christian faith remains upbeat and unshakable—and that’s good news indeed. The deluxe edition adds six tracks, including two with Tait’s former dc Talk comrade Kevin Max on guest vocals.

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