Editors’ Notes The Bruce Lee Band is a side project from singer-songwriter Mike Park. For over 20 years, he’s used the band named in honor of the martial arts legend to put out music that’s ranged from garrulous ska-punk to thoughtful indie. Their fifth release Rental!! Eviction!! views the world through the lens of an older punk—grayer, wiser, still open to stage-diving but taking longer to recover. BLB’s rotating cast features Jeff Rosenstock on bass, Dan Potthast on keys and guitar, and Kevin Higuchi on drums, while Park handles the vocals and saxophone. At just over 12 minutes, the album flies by with ska- and punk-influenced jams about good times and bad. Park took Apple Music through Rental!! Eviction!! track by track. Stick around for the crazy story behind the album’s title.

“When You Say It's Okay”
“Getting caught up with the grind of life, we sometimes forget about the simple things in life that are really what's important. This song is a reminder that perhaps the grind of excess isn't what's really important.”

“Tryin' & Stutterin'”
“The awkwardness of confrontation. How we all like to sweep things under the rug and say, ‘Yeah, it's okay. Everything is great!’ But this song is about confronting those issues of difference. Although it's not an easy thing to do, it's one that I try my best to make happen.”

“Never Been Quite Like This”
“The position of power has always been and will continue to be questioned by those with different ideas or views. This song is simply about questioning a person in power.”

“Spinning Me Around”
“This song is about a night in high school. Friends piling in a Volvo station wagon, hot-boxing said vehicle, listening to punk on the cassette player, and, up to that point in life, being as high as you have ever been before.”

“If I Could Only Listen to My Heart”
“This song is about being so stressed out that the body just can't shut down. Not being able to sleep, being completely deprived of logical thinking, but in the big picture it's just really trivial stuff that is being obsessed upon. The chorus is just a plea to listen to what your heart says and not what the mind says.”

“Free Breakfast!!”
“This song is about touring in Japan and Korea for the first time and all the crazy experiences that were had. And being so excited that you just didn't want to miss out on everything happening around you. The free breakfast is from the hostel we stayed at in Korea. They supplied eggs, toast, and jam, and that's it. But we ate it every single day.”

“Still Down for Tomorrow”
“This song is about relationship woes that we all experience, but the end theme is that no matter what, be ready to start fresh tomorrow.”

The album title, Rental!! Eviction!!
“My 83-year-old mom owns a home that my sister had lived in for 20 years. Her family moved out of state, and being the good son I am, I tried to rent it out for my mom. On July 1, 2019, a new family moved in and I handed over the keys. The day we started recording this album, July 5, 2019, I got a notification from the bank that their initial check bounced. It had me so stressed out that during the recording process all I would say was ‘Rental, Eviction!’ On October 3, 2019, along with the sheriff in tow, we were able to get them out. And that's the story of Rental!! Eviction!!


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