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3 Ratings

KathyPiano7 ,

From MainlyPiano

"Rendezvous" is the fifth album from pianist/composer Kelly Andrew, but I have to admit that it’s the first of his albums that I’ve heard - and what a treat that has been! Produced by Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios, Kelly Andrew and Ackerman’s crew have taken a tasty mix of genre-bending musical stylings and created a sumptuous and very satisfying feast for the senses. Guest artists include Duke Levine and Randy Chavez (guitar), Tony Levin and Bijoux Barbosa (bass), Charlie Bisharat (violin), Eugene Friesen (cello), Premik Russell Tubbs (sax and woodwinds), and Jill Haley (English horn and oboe). All ten tracks are ensemble pieces with piano/keyboard and a combination of other instruments, further enhancing the diversity of the compositions. Most of the pieces are on the quieter side - very melodic and soothing - but there are a few that will get your toes tapping. Warm and inviting, "Rendezvous" is an album that has plenty of substance to savor while focused on the music, but it also easily slips into the background to become a beautiful accompaniment for a romantic dinner, driving, or just chillin’.

"Rendezvous" begins with a surprising electric guitar lick on the smooth jazz “Chasing Twilight.” Duke Levine, Tony Levin and Steve Holley (drums) combine with Andrew to create a smokin’ hot bit of musical coolness - I really like this one! The romantic and lyrical “Hand In Hand” features Bisharat on violin (always a wonderful plus!) in addition to full instrumentation from many of the other ensemble players. “Painted Butterfly” is another favorite. It begins with a gentle acoustic passage that intertwines with the piano. As other instruments enter, the music gracefully opens to become a magical ensemble of piano, guitar, strings, and light percussion. “Awake in a Dream” is silky smooth and ethereal with no hard edges anywhere. The title track is one of the livelier pieces with Tubbs’ soaring sax lifting it skyward as Andrew’s fingers dance around the piano keyboard. Technically, “Serenade of the Night Sky” is a solo piece because it’s just Kelly Andrew, but by using piano, keyboard, and synths, he has a full string section, voices and percussion behind the delicate piano lead. “Lonely Road” returns to a more smooth jazz vibe with sax, cello, oboe and percussion swirling around the piano. Rendezvous closes with the beautiful ballad, “Hope,” a gently uplifting piece for piano, French horn (Gus Sebring), cello, English horn, bass (Levin) and vocals (Noah Wilding).

If you are new to the music of Kelly Andrew, as I was, this is a wonderful place to start! I can’t imagine that his fans could be anything but thrilled with the grace and generous spirit of "Rendezvous." Very highly recommended!

CandiceMichelle1 ,

Review from Journeyscapes Radio

Kelly Andrew is a musician and composer whose latest album ‘Rendezvous’ was produced by Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton and himself, as well as recorded at Will’s Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont. Centered upon themes of romance, reflection and passion, Kelly contributes keyboards, synthesizers and programming to these twelve and often jazzed-up contemporary instrumental compositions. He is joined variably throughout by a talented musical ensemble of which includes Duke Levine and Randy Chavez on guitar, Tony Levin and Bijoux Barbosa on bass, Charlie Bisharat on violin, Eugene Friesen on cello, Premik Russell Tubs on sax and woodwinds, Jill Haley on English horn and oboe, Steve Holley and Christian Teele on drums, Jeff Haynes and Christian Teele on percussion, Gus Sebring on French horn, and Noah Wilding on wordless vocals.

“Chasing Twilight” leads the album with sultry electric guitar and drifty piano notes over a slick bassline and infectious groove, collectively lending this beautifully bold opener a jazz-funk vibe. “Hand in Hand” follows next and is comparatively more sentimental, additionally featuring woodwinds, violin and acoustic guitar set to a moderately-paced rhythm. “Painted Butterfly” continues in this mode, where a warmly-lit ensemble of piano, strings and guitar seemingly capture the essence of an afternoon sunset. “Awake in a Dream” is perhaps my favorite track on the album and seemingly perfect for late-night listening. Imbued with a romantic chill-jazz vibe, the intimate and lush atmosphere of this piece is sensually enhanced throughout by a melodic interplay of piano and sultry sax. The title track, “Rendezvous”, easily paints an image of a dancing couple beneath the moonlight on an evening pier, which is seemingly illustrated by its soulful sax and chic piano riff accompanied by a lively smooth jazz groove. I’m also particularly fond of “Looking Back”, a leisurely-paced number that bears hints of nostalgia and reflection. It comparatively captures a more rural essence with its down-to-earth rhythm and acoustic multi-instruments. “Lonely Road” is another favorite in the chill-jazz vein, likewise conveying a nocturnal sultriness with its lounge-like ensemble of piano, sax and sumptuous rhythm. Closing out the album is the aptly-titled “Hope”, a positively inspirational piece featuring piano, cello and French horn.

A thoroughly rewarding album of sleek sophistication, ‘Rendezvous’ seems to tell a lover’s story which moves through the course of evening, dawn and sunset. Colorfully enhanced throughout by its contributing instrumentalists, Kelly Andrew musically paints images of both scenic rural landscapes and chic metropolitan venues. Listeners, especially, who enjoy contemporary instrumental music with notable chill-jazz flavors are sure to savor the romantic spices of these delectable compositions!

SandyShore ,


After five years as a software developer, Kelly Andrew launched his musical career as a prolific trance composer before becoming a popular, award winning independent recording artist. The pianist/composer’s fifth album RENDEZVOUS – produced by legendary Grammy winning guitarist and Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman – is mostly hypnotic, melodic and chill, yet lives up to its adventurous title with rhythmic variations and soaring sonic surprises. Andrew creates the perfect balance between new age ambience, modern rhythms and compelling, piano, guitar and sax driven Smooth Jazz. RENDEZVOUS for some cozy listening now! ~JONATHAN WIDRAN

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