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S. King ,

Dire Straits Other Half...

One can't help but compare David Knopfler's solo album "Release" to the famous sound of Dire Straits, and to that of his more famous and well known brother musician Mark Knopfler. After all it is a natural comparison, and a worthy offering from the co-founder of Dire Straits. The songs found on David's solo album "Release" only prove that this Knopfler brother played a pivotal role to the sound that made Dire Straits famous.

"Madonna's Daughter" is a song that couldve fit in quite nicely on the first 2 Dire Straits albums with its catchy rhythm guitar and baritone vocals. "Sideshow" is a terrific dance groove that The Dire Straits album: "Making movies" couldve benefited from. "Sideshow" certainly wouldve receieved more airplay and attention had it been allowed to breathe with the same promotion that some Dire Straits songs had recieved. "Soul Kissing" is a mellow opener but proves itself with some terrific female back-up singers who can be heard on other songs on the album as well.

This album certainly did not recieve the kind of promotion and airplay it deserved. Another one of those "sleeper" albums that at the time (1984) it flew "under the radar". of commercial radio.

David Knopfler left Dire Straits to keep his marriage and family life going strong. David understood the trappings of fame and fortune. He also did not wish to be just "A strummer for someone else's dreams" As a musician myself (who has played in several bands over the years) I can certainly relate to his reasoning even if others don't agree with it.

As a big Mark Knopler/Dire Straits fan myself, I can't help but to include David Knopfler's solo effort "Release" into my playlist. My collection would not be complete without it.

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