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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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231 Ratings

sevnSin07 ,

Why this and not a fifth album?

I, like a majority of Red fans out there, preferred if they had spent the time in remaking this album to have, instead, spent it on mastering their fifth album. RtP was okay on its own the way it was. Sure it was not their best work (far from it), but it was great in its own way (i.e. lyric meaning, new experimental sound to gain a newer audience, etc.) However, I still wanted to buy and listen to the remixes of this album and I find that I do enjoy the new take on the songs that they have done.

Run and Escape 4/5 - I really liked the new song they did here. I feel like if they did more songs like this on RtP originally their album wouldn’t have suffered as much as it did. The lyrics in it are meaningful and has plenty of hard guitar riffs and even a nice bass solo in the middle that brings the song together nicely. The mixture of heavy instruments and the nice sweet melody of Michaels vocals make this song one of my new favorite songs to listen to.

Release the Panic 3/5 -

Damage 3.5/5 - Again, like Release the Panic, I loved how it started out as a song as it comes in with an eerie orchestra melody before breaking down into the heavy guitar riffs and electric sounds that is the original Damage. Sadly, other than this, the song is like Release the Panic as it just felt like strings were overlaid to cover up the original song which took the possibility of this song being a better version of its original and dropping it down the drain. Should have just completely redid the whole song instead of what they did here.

Hold Me Now 5/5 - I really liked this song originally, but this newer version seems a whole lot better because it comes off as a ballad and is nice and calm and it almost seems like a flashback to their original album’s song Pieces. By far one of the best (if not THE BEST) songs on this remixed album.

So Far Away 4.5/5 - This is another song where they took the original version (which I already felt like was great to begin with) and just made it even better. The strings, the guitar, the drums, everything just flows as if I was listening to the original Red again. This song is one of the few that made me happy to have bought this new remixed album.

Glass House 5/5 - I really loved the original version of this song as it was one of the best songs on the original album (both instrumentally and lyrically) but I am happy they remixed this song cause it is even better than before. It comes off harder and much more like Red than I have ever heard since before the RtP. The strings flow well in this mix and they are stronger than ever and they don’t sound like they just got thrown on top of the original song. It actually melds perfectly with the new style of the song. The guitars and the bass and the drums and just the song style in general is way different than the original and made me love this song all over again. I find that should anyone get any song on here, this needs to be one of them for sure cause it is worth it.

As You Go 2.5/5 - Okay, I have said it already once before, but I will say it again the original version of this song is way better than this version. It is almost like they just decided to slow it down even more and try to give it a bit of a twist that just did not need it. Such a complete change in sound that I dropped my head when I heard it cause this song just did not need to be remixed. There were several other songs that could have been remixed, but this one should have been left alone. This is by far the worst song on this album in comparison to the original (which obviously is my own opinion).

All in all this album is good in its own way. Just wish they would have been working on their 5th album rather than this. Oh well, can’t wait for it now cause it seems like they are getting back on track which is always good.

Golfermandude ,

What are you doing RED?

This release is the prime example of a band that has completely lost its originality. It’s almost as if RED realized just how much their true fans hated their sell-out album “Release the Panic” and decided to bring back their old sound by bringing back the “strings.” What are they thinking? Apparently they view the strings as the only reason they’ve had such success in the past. FALSE. With or without strings this album is still going to be terrible. It’s like spraying febreeze on a pile of trash…it just doesn’t cut it. And the mix…oh boy the mix…can they seriously not tell how horrible it is. The fake strings…and yes, I did say fake, only made it worse. You’re better than this RED. It’s time to return to the days of Until We Have Faces, Innocence and Instinct and End of Silence. Your real fans will continue to wait...

Chris-Topher116 ,

Mmm yep

See, I can honestly say that I am a huge fan of RED and have been for quite some time. I was a little disappointed with RTP, I still loved it and it was an amazing album, but it fell short when compared to other RED albums. Whenever I gave a listen to these songs I was thrilled at the orchestral aspects of songs that I had already enjoyed. You just made them better, thank you. As for the new song, it sounds classic and like it could be placed right into I&I. Once again great redoing of these songs, if this is a taste of what is to come then keep at it friends. God bless

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