Heartache and healing are the twin themes of Rebuild: driven home by ferocious riffage and unrelenting rhythms that deliver both a visceral kick and a spiritual message. Sticking mostly to the playbook of its successful debut, this hard-working Christian combo showcases Sarah Anthony's emotive vocals and a collective knack for well-honed chorus hooks. “Sick Charade,” “Devil on Your Back," and “Branded” are among the tracks here that confront oppressive forces (whether human or demonic) with a warrior’s defiance. The rock ballad “Pain Killer” stands out as an anthem of resistance, delivered by Anthony with a wounded urgency against a string-accented backdrop. If suffering brings a patina of gothic gloom to these songs, the promise of salvation isn't far away, as tunes like “Up from the Ashes” and the title track demonstrate. TLB turn down the decibel level for “The Outside Looking In” (a waltzing number about discovering faith) and “Shattered” (a survivor’s ballad with a softer, pop-slanted feel). Reaching out to the bruised and broken, Rebuild celebrates new beginnings with both searing force and hard-won compassion.

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