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148 Ratings

boydrum ,


APACHE IS THE GREATEST SONG EVER!! I like Rappers Delight as well, but I gotta' give props to Apache. I request it at every party I go to and always make a fool of myself by doing the choreography that goes along with it perfectly, from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which is so famous and so much fun to do. But sometimes when I request Apache, the stupid DJs play all of these terrible remixes of it!! Like the Sir Mix-A-Lot version. He's talking during all of the cool instrumental parts and now...it gets worse with the new Missy Elliot version which is HORRIBLE!! She just talks during the whole thing, every freaking part; you can’t hear the instruments at all!! The original Apache is the best and is actually a remix of The Ventures song “Apache.” So that means if the Sugarhill Gang’s Apache is a remix, then there are two other remixes of a remix!! You can’t remix a remix!! Who in their right mind would remix a remix!??!?! Anyway, this just shows that Apache is awesome and the other “remixes” ARE NOT!! All in all, this is a good record. APACHE IS THE COOLEST!!

B ,


THe Sugar Hill gang Is better than another other rappers out there today, not only because there voices are awsome but there lyrics are better BUY IT



they are the real thing and dont talk smack they are the best

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