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16 Ratings

Shadow Thyphon ,


I could sue you for copyright infrengment on my mind. Love everything all the way down to the album art work and name.

EleventyOwlFan ,

Boys, what happened?!

Okay, while this record does almost seamlessly fit into my Eleventycollection, there are a few problems people need to be aware of: THE CUSSING. 😳 Matt, Davey, what happened?! I loved you guys because you were talented and your lyrics were clean!! Now you do this 😭 don’t get me wrong, most of the songs are decent, just the first four are questionable. Although, I love all the music; it’s really well done and catchy, but the words you have to watch out for. Definitely not something to play around little ears.

Hopefully this is just because they’ve had four years away from Eleventyseven. I’m holding out in hopes that their next release will be better ☺️ And cleaner! I’m still mad at how they got away with this!! 😒 But I’m still a huge fan of you guys!!

Now, I will rate the songs track by track.

New Rock Bottom: this song has killer music, especially guitar. The lyrics are a little...less than favorable, but there is no cussing in this one thankfully. It’s delightful to jam to, but not quite perfect.

1990 Awesome: this one is a bit of an uncomfortable listen. The music is undeniably wonderful and catchy, but again, the lyrics are not the best coming from Eleventyseven. No cussing here, but it’s a little grown-up.

New York Minute: I’ll say it—this is the worst track on the album. The tune is annoying to the point where it should not have even been released with the rest of the songs, and the lyrics are cheesy. Not feeling your emotion in this one, Matt. But I know you can do better :)

Holding Out: I wanted to like this one. I really did. And I do. However, Matt’s buzzed out cussing caused my heart to break and as a result I could not permit myself to listen. It’s a very angsty song about wanting to be more than someone who just barely gets by in life because of financial problems.

Inside Out: this one is a little gem. Lyrics are clean and deep, and actually quite relatable. A perfectly angsty little number from Eleventyseven that totally fits who they are, almost reminiscent of Feel Ok from Galactic Conquest, yet at the same time entirely different.

Kick The Habit is dark, static, and haunting in the most beautiful way. It will get stuck in your head guaranteed, and may burn out your speakers due to that staticky fuzz. It leaves you thinking, and makes you whisper along.

Hourglass: this one is the type of song that gives you a love/hate feel about it. You can’t stop listening to it, yet at the same time it’s kind of angering. It’s perfect for a breakup or if you’re just feeling upset. The effect is almost soothing.

Neverafter: like Hourglass, this one is love/hate and is suitable for times when one is angsty or upset, or even anxious. It will either build onto your emotions or crush them, depending on the severity you’re in.

Wish Myself Away: a beautiful number summing up what Matt thinks about himself, reflecting on the way he behaves and the mistakes he has made through life. There is one cuss word, although barely noticeable, but the rest of the lyrics are so well done, they sort of drown it out. Eleventyseven has had a knack for ending all their albums on a good note, and Wish Myself Away does just that. It makes you want to replay the album, just so you can land on this gem track again.

As always, the music and vocals are of the best quality, something very prevalent in everything Eleventyseven (in particular Matt Langston) has put out in their career. May God bless these boys and lead them to Him as they continue to produce amazing works of art.

Star tracks: Wish Myself Away, Inside Out
They are a great emotional listen. The angst is amazing. :)

Cussing does not mean maturity. By far it means somebody hasn’t grown up and they’re throwing baby fits about stuff. By cussing in their songs, 117 has not met their eleventystandards they past set, and I think they need to go back to singing for Jesus. After all, there is no reason to create anything if it isn’t to glorify Him. We are creative because He is creative.

Overall, a great album. I would bump it up to four or even five stars if I could, but due to the cussing and a few weak tracks, I am unable to give such a high rating—it wouldn’t be honest.

Keep it up, Matt and Davey! So great having you boys back!!

Update: I just realized that I forgot to mention the song Microchip. Since it’s Rad Science’s one-year birthday (happy birthday Rad Science!!!), I will go over the song now. Microchip’s beats and lyrics are amazing and catchy, and Matt’s vocals add all the passion and emotion. The song seems to be about how the world is content to be pacified by whatever, almost reminiscent of the song Retail Value off Galactic Conquest. It’s interesting how the albums have similar themes. All in all, that’s a very good thing, as GC was one of their best albums to date. But let’s be honest, there hasn’t been a single Eleventyseven album that isn’t loveable.

Geoffnokc ,

Why do you listen to music?

What is music to you? Is it the ever present background to your life, growing and changing as you do? Is music the thing you need like air...or food? Is music an afterthought (I hope not)? Regardless, Eleventyseven is a band that approaches music like a gourmet chef approaches a couple of pounds of beef. Is it just a burger or is it a meal fit for a king? Eleventyseven serves up an smorgasbord of delicacy that is second to none; you are welcome your Majesty! Listen to Eleventyseven and savor the harmony and melody...oh, and don’t get lost in the hook because this band might just become your favorite.

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