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20 Ratings



First off, if you don't even know what a "Quinceañera" is, then I suspect you won't appreciate the compilation of songs found here.
But if you do know what a "Quinceañera" is all about, then you'd easily recognize the suitability of each song to this theme.

d-wooddude ,


This was a brilliant movie. I was lucky enough to catch this at the Provincetown Film Festival. Quinceanera embodies the ultimate realism movie, the actors NEVER overacted, the story was engaging, the characters were very interesting and you emphasized with them entirely. This movie is a masterpiece in my eyes, and ranks at #2 on my list of favorite movies so far this year (#1 being Brick). As for the soundtrack, i found myself (being both not a fan of rap or spanish music) to actually enjoy this album, and it brought me back to the movie, although i think the first 2 tracks are sufficient. Definately see this movie tho it NEEDS to find an audience!

un_afan_dela_peli ,

missing an important song!

There are good reggaeton tracks included here as well as some interesting orginial music, most notably the short track "Carlos"- a great, character-driving piece of music that is dark & brooding with street-hardened groove. Too bad it's only a minute long.

Early in the film there's a wonderful mexican "son" played that is unfortunately NOT included here on the soundtrack album. Very dissapointed as it's a wonderful track, with a traditional, "country"-Salsa feel to it.

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