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119 Ratings

Bringin it on Back ,

Jet Brings the Rock on Back to the Music Scene

This is the first review I have ever written for any album, and I there have been some great ones I have listened to, including Jet's first release, Get Born. I have never felt the necessity to let others know the greatness of an album before I heard Shine On, which is just that, absolutely great.

There is such a perfect balance of hard rocking songs and ballads like I have rarely heard. In the lyrics department, Jet has gotten smarter, which is especially evident with the title trak "Shine On," which is really a great ballad, by far Jet's best so far, and better than many other bands have out now. Then again, Jet is still best at straight up rocking out, and they are still the kings of that today and widen the gap between them and the next closest band greatly here with tracks like Come on Come on, Stand up, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and Rip it Up.

A second album is always critically a band's hardest because fans only have a few other songs to compare to, and are upset if it doesn't sound the same as the first. If you're looking for another Get Born, you won't find it here. However if you're looking for a better album, and an overall better band than was the one that made Get Born, you will find it in these 16 tracks.

Jet is now smarter, more talented, more diverse, but most importantly is rocking harder than they ever have.

blueishh ,


this album is great. songs to listen to are Rip It Put, Bring It On Back, That's All Lies, Kings Horses, Shine On, and Shiny Magazine. But im pretty sure youll love the whole album as i do

ScottB ,

Not Oasis...

While there are some hints of Oasis on a couple of tracks, if you know who Oasis was copying, I think you'll see that The Beatles should get the credit for those tracks.
A great album - almost like it has two sides, the first 6-8 and then the rest really seems to rock.
If you're a Jet fan, this is a great album.


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