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41 Ratings

bz1278 ,

Where Have You Been My Whole Life, Kiev?

For some reason I had never heard of this band until I heard "Be Gone Dull Cage" on The Walking Dead and loved it. I then checked out the rest of this album and oh my goodness - frigging amazing! Very unique and inventive stuff here, yet still very palatable. And Kiev knows how to rock, too. There are no bad songs here, making this a truly special album.

Spooked1oo ,

Honest Review

My song-by-song review of this work of art (Note: this was written after two playthroughs of the album):
- Pulsing: Cough Focus: 8/10 - At first I thought I was going to die of boredom and anticipation for the album to just boom, but this song grew on me after the first minute or so, and now it seems it sets up the journey that this album truly in an honest and barebones manner.
- Ariah Being: 9/10 - I waited for a boom, and then I got it. Powerful, inspired, groovy; this song has the very distinct Kiev scent we've grown to know and from the previous EP releases. At first I didn't like the length of the jam bit that started ariund the 2:00 mark, but the queues grew on me, each having a different (but signifigant) sound that showcased the band's individual personalities. The ever-present drum beat by Corn staples this song together.
- Solving and Running: 8/10 - Groovy, catchy, flowing, but not much we haven't heard before by the band. The song's magic comes in around the 3:30 mark.
- Falling Bough: 9.5/10 - When I first heard this track on the radio, I was skeptical; especially in the first minute or so. It's definitely a change of pace compared to the band's other releases. This song grew quickly on me though. It never reaches out too far beyond it's confinements, but it soars in the last minute and a half. Kiev truly found the junction where beauty and simplicty meet with this one.
- Tube Orms: 7.5/10 - Once again, not many brand new sounds here. Reminds me a bit of Crooked Strings, but doesn't quite hit that mark. I don't know, it just seems like it doesn't stand out compared to most of their other songs. Still good, though.
- Pulsing: Tired Lungs: 9/10 - One of those direction changes that I crave from (relatively) new bands like Kiev that they never showed in their EPs. Once again, simple, beautiful, and honest. Takes an interesting detour at 1:30, but not a bad one. Kind of an abrupt ending (take it how you will).
- Drag Bones: 9/10 - The percussion and rythm section in this song is fantastic, not to mention the catchy chorus and alarm-like guitar. Even the subtle and muted claps around the 2:15 mark is genius. Gets a little groove in your step every time.
- Animals in Garden: 7.5/10 - Another track that kind of just blends into the background. Some good moments (2:25), but the rest is just average, from the band's standards.
- Pulsing: Wisdom Teeth: 8/10 - Definitely one of the more interesting tracks. Different sound than what's been heard before, but there's not much else to this song. Still works well for what it gives.
- Trees are Trees: 8/10 - Sounds like something of a mix of "Tired Lungs" and "Small Kid / Tall Tree" with a jazzy-smooth flare to it. It's a good mix. I find the late direction change (at around 3:45) somewhat disappointing, as it seems to detract from the in-the-moment vibe of the song, but the rest more than makes up for it.
- Be Gone Dull Cage: 8/10 - A very open track in the beginning and tight and hard-hitting by the end, this song is one that old Kiev fans (if there is such thing yet) have grown to love. Percussion is a standout.
- Pulsing: Home Now: 8.5/10 - Very open, but not empty. Almost makes you just want to sail away with how calming it is. The guitar oart, vocals, metronome, and fading backing instruments create a great mix.
- (Bonus Track) 3rnd: 8/10 - Another familiar track, this recording (with an altered ending?) is decent on its own, but I'm glad Kiev decided not to include it on the final tracklist due to it not fitting the vibe of the rest of the album. Nice jam.

This is an exellent first album, but it left me wanting to hear more of what Kiev's boundaries really are. It would be nice to hear them try to branch out a bit more at some point, but this album will keep me more than satisfied until that happens. Kiev has never failed to impress me, and this album is definitely no different. Brilliant.

Brody Barcus ,


So I found Kiev on Noisetrade and I figured I'd give their sampler a try (it's free, why not). I was hooked with the first song. I'm not a rock person, I'm more into electronic/dance stuff. But this album blew me away. I can't even explain how much I like it and how good it is. It's a musical exploration of so many sounds and ideas that it's impossible to get bored, even if some of the songs are long. BUY THIS ALBUM!!! IT'S SO WORTH IT!!!

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