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9 Ratings

richwithspirit ,

Prove to you

Don't we all have something to prove?

This song touched me in more ways than you could count, and at the same time in one very specific way that the whole world counts on everyday.

There's a reason why people love Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man because they are the heros of the story.

They follow their dreams, they follow their hearts & they do what is right, no matter how hard the obstacle is, they continue to fight back no matter what.

They are the Rocky Balboas of Boxing, the Harry Potters of Hogwarts, the Dorothys of Oz.

Because they have something to prove.

There is a sense of magic behind the heart & soul that is Karmina, and in this particular track, I feel that the magic i've always felt was in Kamilles heart was thoroughly expressed. This song expresses the magic behind the drive that one has to succede.

♫Proveeee to youu, that I won't loseee this timeeeee!!♫

♫I alwayssss knewwwww the truthhhhh, that it would sooon beee mineeee♫

We all have this in our heart, it's why we end up rooting for the underdog, it's because in our hearts we know what it is to dream the ultimate dream, to go for the gold.

And we know that's not an easy road.

With this track it's all about following that yellow brick road & not giving up, continuing to pursue your dreams no matter what!! Which is one of the hardest tasks you can take on, but much like when you listen to the track, you will know that if you do, in your heart, you're letting yourself shine. And shining is what we were all meant to do with our light.

Because we:

♫always knewwww the truthhhhhh that it would soooon be mineeee♫

I feel a deep connection to this particular track, because it highlights every single thing i've ever believed in. And it motivates me to actually follow through with my dreams.

To take the high road & continue to achieve!!

♫And i'll proveeeee to youuuu, that I won't loseeeeee this time!! ♫

Kamille I hope more than anything that you do achieve your dreams, because from the day I met you, I knew that you were meant to shine!!

Remember the only person you will ever have to prove it to, is yourself, as long as you know in your heart you have done the best that you can possibly do, then you will always shine!!

Thank you for this amazing ♫*Sparkle Rocking*♫ ♥Love♥&*LIGHT*!!

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