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4.4 out of 5
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8 Ratings

Tylosargerchia ,

Major Disappointment

This sadly happens to be the worst Satriani album in his considerable catalog. It just falls flat on so many levels. There are some decent moments (Revelation is the best song on the album), but the album overall never rises above sub-par. Many songs are only partially realized, with Out of the Sunrise being one of the biggest musical disappointments in the history of rock and roll. The song makes you feel like it's going to rise to some incredible climax, but ultimately goes nowhere, and leaves the listener unfulfilled, disappointed, and frustrated. Then to top it off, it ends right where it started, and wastes all of its potential. Many of the guitar and bass tones are weak and leave much to be desired. The title Overdriver makes it sound like the song is going to be a powerful, driving, overdriven guitar sounding tune (you'd think that, right?), but the song absolutely fails to live up to its namesake. I Just Wanna Rock is actually a cool song, but again, the guitar tone is severely lacking. The main rhythm tone, while not actually bad, begs for more in your face attitude and distortion for a song called "I Just Wanna Rock." The solo tone is just right, but overall the balance doesn't feel correct between rhythm and lead. The bass tone on many songs (Asik Veysel and Andalusia in particular) is weak and doesn't have the bottom end necessary to really fatten up the songs and bring out the fullness the songs deserve. I love the music of Joe Satriani, but this effort ultimately ends up being a collection of wasted opportunities. I feel bad saying most of this, because I am a huge Satch fan, and I love all of his other albums. Sorry, Joe. I guess you can't win them all.

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