13 Songs, 48 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.7 out of 5
735 Ratings

735 Ratings

8472934141 ,

A true masterpiece

This album is not only Incubus' best album, but it is an album that is together worth more than the sum of its parts. Every song is worth listening to. Make Yourself is the best album put out in years and still never ceases to amaze me.

cdspence ,

One of Incubus's best

Great Album
Privilege - 9/10 - Good song, good opener, lacks a really dynamic hook, good lyrics
Nowhere Fast - 7/10 - One of my least favorite songs on the album. Don't really like the sound of the verse. Good Chorus.
Consequence - 9.5/10 - awesome song, cool effects, good lyrics, good guitar line
The Warmth - 9/10 - Good chorus, interesting guitar, good bass line, strong rythym
When It Comes - 9/10 - Didn't like much at first. The song grows on you. Very good lyrics
Stellar - 7/10 - The worst single off the album - good chorus though
Make Yourself - 10/10 - Highly underrated, second favorite song on the album
Drive - 11/10 - Probably the best song Incubus has ever done. Catchy hook. Chill mood. This song is just perfect.
Clean - 9/10 - suffers a bit from being after Drive, still a good song, it will grow on you.
Battle Starscralatchica - 9.5/10 - Really, really funky. Improvised. Not all of you will like this. Its a love hate thing.
I Miss You - 7.5/10 - Can get really annoying if played too many times. Lyrics aren't as good as other Incubus songs.
Pardon Me - 9/10 - Awesome song. amazing chorus. good lyrics in the verse.
Out from Under - 8.5/10 - Not really a complete song. A lotta potential but it coulda been better.

brennan/spike ,

Great Album

This is my second favorite album from Incubus behind Light Grenades. This album is very different from S.C.I.E.N.C.E, which most of us know change is their thing. Here is my ratings.
1.Priviledge: 9/10 a nice heavy song to start off the album
2.Nowhere Fast: 9/10 I like this song because it has a nice feel to it.
3.Consequence: 8/10 Pretty good song.
4.The Warmth: 7/10 Its okay
5.When It Comes: 8/10 I like how the song goes together.
6.Stellar: 10/10 I love this hit with the heavy guitar in the chorus.
7.Make Yourself: 6/10 Nothing special about this song.
8.Drive: 11/10 OMG! This is Incubus's greatest song ever. I also love the music video to this song.
9.Clean: 8/10 I like the backround music.
10.Battlestar Scralatchtica: 6/10 I don't care for the genre in this song whatever it is.
11.I Miss You: 9/10 Very good song with meaningful lyrics.
12.Pardon Me: 8/10 Very overated. There are many better songs than this on the album.
13.Out From Under: 7/10 An okay way to end the album. Pretty heavy song

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