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8 Ratings

Crucial BarBQ ,

Primitive Race

Been following the respective bands here for most of my life so this collaborative effort is like a dream come true and it does not disappoint. Taking little pieces to form a whole, Primitive Race succeeds in marrying the last 20 years in a modern culmination of all things awesome. No need to even listen to the song snippets, just buy this immediately, get in your car, roll down the windows and drive with that smug feelling that you've just unearthed a true treasue that not many know exist...Spread the word.

bgchuck ,


This album is so great I bought it twice…(download & CD) The tunes on here flow well with each other and compliment all the artists styles. If you respect any of these artists buy this now, you will love it.

wargomw ,

Music to me.

It's a common misconception that producing an album takes less than a year. I started following the band's twitter in 2013, I believe. One thing that I can remember is that they told us that this album was being done in real time… that we would follow them through the process. TWO things made me nervous about such: 1, the obvious short attention span of people in the online realm and 2, bad reviews triggered by over-hype of the record.

scenario: Your favorite band backed by a HUGE label is going to release a record in less than a year. YOU CAN'T WAIT! Then, the record comes out and your preconceived notions about what you WANTED to hear all flood in at once and there's that period of actually absorbing the product. THIS is what happened to Primitive Race. The experiment of letting others know the process in real time coupled with MORE than a year of waiting just completely had the expectations out of whack.

My point:

I listened to the record a few times. I didn't go in with ANY expectations. I've gotten sick of feeling like something was missing because of my own hyped up expectations. What happened was an amazing phenomenon that occurs when you take time to appreciate the art - something that was LOST when opening a vinyl or even a CD was replaced by just clicking on a file called the MP3. You look at the art that is included with the album, and you listen over and over to the overall pace of both individual songs and the overall record.


This record is special. You don't have the same singer OR the same arrangement of players throughout. The tone, sonic feel, and stories told are bigger than an individual. You go from Tommy Victor and Erie Loch's kickass riffs and vocals to Crabbi's talkative vocals.

"So Strange" is a great opener, while "Below Zero" is the perfect placement for an ending.

As for the reviews that I see that are negative here: Why? Telling us that it is trash is so vague. What didn't you like about it? Let us forget about genres, too. NO expectations, let's remember.


This album works for me. listening to it more than once is a must, while remembering that so many people were involved in the making. If you don't like it, that's ok, too. But maybe you should try going to a record store sometime and remember how to consume music that didn't take a whole team of writers and a marketing team to determine the sound and lyrics that teenagers might love to hear while watching MTV in 2015.

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