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216 Ratings

thickassdude ,

This man does not get enough props

All the men that really know how to sing dont get the props they deserve, thats because people dont like real music they like some stuff like T-pain who dont really know how to sing but because the beat is hot and its catching it makes money. i Like t-pain but come on lets show these dude love, like Avant, dave holister, donnell jones, Music, Case, Joe, kenny latamore, kevon edmonds, etc

danny grunge ,

T-Pain is a disgrace to Rap/R&B...Joe is AMAZING

Joe's new Greatest Hits album covers pretty much everything. From old 90s hits like Don't Wanna Be a Player, All the Things, All That I Am and Still Not a Player....to 2000s hits like I Wanna Know, Ride Wit U and Stutter...this album has just the right amount of goods.

I know many people here have respect for T-Pain, but I simply do not and never will. T-Pain can't sing. His voice is auto-tuned to the correct pitch in the studio practically all of the time. Joe's old stuff from 1997 wasn't auto-tuned. He ACTUALLY SANG, without the help of a machine making his voice sound so perfect.

New R&B and Rap just doesn't make the cut anymore. It is really that terrible. It all fell off around 2003/2004. At least music back in the 90s and earlier part of this decade was decent and listenable. R&B like Joe has SOUL and PASSION. Today's crap is just targeted for dance clubs and teenagers to blast in their cheap car stereos. The only R&B singers today who still have it are Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige and Joe. Even R. Kelly is pretty bad now. Well, anyways please support Joe and buy this album on iTunes or go to a retail store and buy the CD.

Bad Azz P ,

Great singer

the song undisputed that came out this week by Ludacris is what this guy is as a singer. he doesen't get enough credit for great songs

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