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35 Ratings

5forgiven ,

GOD gave a song...

anyone can sing and many do for many different reasons, but then there is those that GOD gives a song, those that GOD settles his spirit upon and its those my dear friend that GOD will use. Its that spirit that will uplift you when your down when a word from a friend or a smile won't do, its those times GOD will use a sweet-sweet song, not just any song, a particular song for a particular reason and doesn't it always seem just for a particular season. Our Lord is creative in all that he does and that is the case with SELAH. Its not just another group its a particular group for a particular person for a special season as this, I have enjoyed the spirit of GOD that has found a place to settle on this group unlike anything thats out there. A preacher world known once said that Selah in the Psalms means "so what do you think about that" I say to you finally a GOD called and anointed group for such a season as this "so what do you think about that" SELAH

HawkNelsonLuvr ,

Great Worship Music

Hey guys I am disappointed that there are like no reviews here! Come on this band is great! It is not the up beat music that everyone loves, but it is soothing and just nice to relax and listen the the messages in the song. Also the song Yesu Azali Awa is a really cool beat. I learned this song at a concert they had and I really enjoy singing it. This is a nice cd. This band has a really pretty sound and is nicely blended. You need to get this album.

sparky76 ,

press on


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