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The proudly peculiar singer/songwriter brings a pared-down band into your living room.

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The proudly peculiar singer/songwriter brings a pared-down band into your living room.

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4.7 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

Feel good story telling ,

Another Great Piece of Art

My favorite album by Brett is Smoke and Mirrors from the first opening cord to last fading note the album rolls smoothly along with catchy melodies and great lyrics. Por Favor is nothing like it. It has a slightly darker mood, heart and soul on the line. It's stripped down, simple, honest and makes you feel the tone and emotion. When an artist makes you feel, that is pure talent and skillful craftsmanship. I've seen Brett live many times, solo and with band. He seems to be an honest, sincere and extremely likable artist. In my humble opinion your talent shines brighter than any artist out there and I hope you continue to thrive musically. Pure talent. I recommend all of his albums as essential to everyone's musical collection. Well done Brett.

BrianSwaldi ,

A rare step back. Too personal and mumbly

WIth Smoke & Mirrors I was dumbfounded. I couldn't believe that one of my favorite artists with so many increasingly stronger albums out could top what he'd done before. Smoke & Mirrors was a huge success. It was a shorter album, true, but by far his most complete album. The WEAKEST songs on there were still 4 star quality.

The worry started with Por Favor after his first two singles dropped. They feel a lot like his first album. If your favorite Dennen album to date was his first, then you'll love Por Favor. I happen to feel that his first was by far his weakest and least well-composed. Each subsequent album was exponentially stronger. That's a rare thing with musicians as, it seems, they more often have their strongest and least pretentious work with their first and only later do they ruin their sound by using a lot of studio trickery and sell out. Dennen is sort of the opposite. He just got more refined, but kept his sincerity and soul.

On the whole, Por Favor is a lot like his first in that it's more hippy dippy, mumbly, almost stoner tunes that aren't very focused or inspired and a far too personal to the point that i can't relate. Most songs are not open enough for me to put myself in the lyrics.

This is the first time i've EVER deleted songs of his that i had purchased. The ode to his childhood home Strawberry Road and I'll Be On Your Side are slow, mumbly and super personal bores. I can't believe i can say that about Dennen songs.

That being said, there are still some good-to-great songs on here. It's not all negative. Another Life is an awesome tune and, by far, his strongest song here. Burning Spirit is also great. Others like What's the Secret, Bonfire and Cassidy are pretty good. WIth these the choruses are great, but the rest just kinda rambles and i lose my focus on the lyrics.

This is definitely a "cherry pick" sort of an album, which i have never said about Dennen. And this will be the last of his albums that I preorder. He used to be one of the few just given preorders because i could expect fewer and fewer weak songs. He's proven that is is not freakisly 100% bankable, but then again, almost no artists are.

I'm usually hyper critical of my favorite music, movies and tv shows when new stuff is dropped, so i might change my tune after repeated listens, but so far i'm not digging it as much as his recent stuff. He does get major credit for keeping the music real and not selling out after all these years. He's not trying to reach the broader and dumber masses by throwing synths and other studio trickery in to his music and sounding like every other band just to increase sales.

Dpat_44 ,

Big lovable Brett

You can do no wrong, my friend. I can hear the pain of life in these words. Excited for this full album

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