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4.1 out of 5
65 Ratings

65 Ratings

Mecnyc ,

Some outstanding remixes

If you are an Erasure fan you will want all the mixes. For the casual fan, there are some outstanding mixes, and the rest vary from OK to not so good. The standouts for me are the Andy Bell and JC remix of "Drama," the Vince Clark retro version of "Stop" and the Soil in the Synth "Ship of Fools." These three versions do new and interesting things with the originals. Also good, but reverential, are the Komputer "Victim of Love" and the Electronic Periodic 'Chorus." If you don't want the whole album, definitely get these 5. Among the rest, the Manhattan Clique "Always" and Sound Factory "Fingers and Thumbs" are OK but fairly predictable, and not an improvement over the original remixes of these songs. The Drama! Dogmatical Remix is a dub, and not as good as the aforementioned "Drama" remix. The "A Little Respect" is a travesty--hyper steroidized remix of Erasure's most identifiable song--a real disservice. And the Freedom remix is endless and boring, and not as good as previous remixes of this single (by the same mixer!). And Always 2009 is pointless--it was already perfect. So, a mixed bag--but some definite gems.

johningb ,

Not good and not needed.

As a long time fan of Erasure, this product isn't needed, nor is it any good. Stripped away is anything that made these songs great in the first place. The pure essence is gone. I don't even consider this an update. The ONLY track on this that I liked was "Stop! (Vince Clarke Synch 82 Remix)". Not essential by any means.

Gee773 ,


Wow! Was this an experiment to find the worst mix for some already great songs? Nothing here enhances these songs at all! Erasure has not been making the best decisions concerning its music as of late, maybe its time to retire. ( and leave the old "good" music alone! )

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